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  • Thumb of Raagapella video

    (#29) Raagapella

    College: Stanford University

    Founded: 2002

    Membership: Tenor/bass

  • Thumb of The Dear Abbeys video

    (#48) The Dear Abbeys

    College: Boston University

    Founded: 1992

    Membership: Tenor/bass

  • Thumb of The Hangovers video

    (#36) The Hangovers

    College: Cornell University

    Founded: 1968

    Membership: Tenor/bass


  • Thumb of The Jabberwocks video

    (#40) The Jabberwocks

    College: Brown University

    Founded: 1949

    Membership: Tenor/bass


  • Thumb of Stanford Harmonics video

    (#43) Stanford Harmonics

    College: Stanford University

    Founded: 1991

    Membership: Mixed


  • Thumb of Nassoons video

    (#37) Nassoons

    College: Princeton University

    Founded: 1941

    Membership: Tenor/bass


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Acappella music is performed by singers without any musical instruments. It has become a very popular and unique music genre. Many schools have their own Acappella groups. Group activities are not directly related to school music courses. They are only used as interest clubs to carry out activities and training, guided and operated by students. There are some outstanding groups, who have gained worldwide recognition.

The random tool has collected 96 best college acapella groups, you can find the videos of their performances and other information here, such as The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, The Krokodiloes, The Mendicants, etc.

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