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  • Theodore Rex Looks Like It Was Filmed On The Set Of Batman Returns on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#10) Theodore Rex Looks Like It Was Filmed On The Set Of Batman Returns

    Despite taking place in an unnamed metropolis Theordore Rex feels incredibly claustrophobic. According to the film's production designer, Walter Martishius, he wanted to drape the city in"purples and blues and yellows" to "dull the sci-fi edge." Unfortunately, the softening of the film's sci-fi edge makes the movie feel like it was filmed on unused sets from Batman & Robin and the Super Mario Bros. movie.  In an alternate reality, the crew snuck onto the unused sets in the middle of the night to save money. Unfortunately they actually spent money on this faux-Blade Runner nightmare. 

    Additionally, because Teddy Rex had a non-detachable, five-foot-long tail, every single set needed to be designed with that tripping hazard in mind. Every interior needed to be big enough to accommodate the tail and whenever a scene called for Teddy to sit in a chair, Walter would have to build a new chair with a hole for the tail. It's easy to see how production can spend $33 million when every chair is a custom build.

  • It Was So Bad It Set Records on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#6) It Was So Bad It Set Records

    There's no wrong way to set a new record, right?


    (There are, actually, there are several and Theodore Rex did a few of them.)


    As far as failures go, Theodore Rex can at least say that it's one of the biggest failures that ever existed. The overall cost for this buddy cop film set in an alternate future where dinosaurs are both a) alive and b) occasionally detectives, was a cool $33.5 million, the most expensive budget for a direct-to-VHS movie at the time.


    Not content with setting just one bad record, Theodore Rex was also the first (and as of this writing only) direct-to-VHS movie to be nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award, the awards dedicated to truly horrible moments in film.

  • The Funding For This Movie Was... Pretty Shady on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#5) The Funding For This Movie Was... Pretty Shady

    It might seem hard to believe, but no one in Hollywood wanted to film this futuristic dinosaur buddy cop movie that also featured robots. Without an option to get proper funding, writer/director Jonathan Betuel and producer Richard Abramson had to seek out international funding, which they found through the son of a pharmaceutical magnate, Stefano Ferrari. The Italian-born Ferrari didn't love the pharmaceutical life so he moved to Hollywood to be a big-time film producer. (Eventually and as a direct result of the failure of this movie, Ferrari left the film industry to return to his roots in pharmaceuticals, where he’s been very successful.)


    We don’t necessarily want to make any direct references to the mafia or anything, but in the great oral history of Theodore Rex over at SlashFilm, whenever the topic of funding comes up, producer Richard Abramson just ominously refers to "the Italians." When discussing Theodore Rex's infamous court case with Whoopi, Abramson says "at this point, the Italians weren't happy with me because I was the guy who had gotten them into this thing." So the law is forcing an angry Whoopi Goldberg to make this movie and the vaguely menacing Italians are angrily pressuring the producers. That's the formula for a great movie if we ever heard one!

  • Whoopi Hated Literally Everyone Involved in the Movie on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#2) Whoopi Hated Literally Everyone Involved in the Movie

    While she was sort of forced by law to star in the film, there’s no law saying she had to enjoy it or anyone she worked with! After litigation, she took to referring to producer Stefano Ferrari as "motherf*cker" every time she saw him and eventually banned him from the set entirely. (Fun Fact: Ferrari eventually came to call the movie “an actual piece of sh*t.”)


    Richard Abramson, another producer, also suffered Whoopi Goldberg’s wrath. When Goldberg and Abramson met with mediators and lawyers to discuss their legal issues, the first thing Goldberg said was: "Just for the record: I hate your guts. Maybe in ten years, you and I can have a cup of coffee and laugh about this. But you’ve made my life a living hell and I hate your f*cking guts.”


    But producers weren’t the only ones to get chewed out by Goldberg. She also went after the puppeteers, but she had good reason... 

  • This Movie Is A Tonal Mess on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#11) This Movie Is A Tonal Mess

    It never feels good to tear down a piece of art, but it's hard to imagine that there's anything good buried inside this melange of family friendly science fiction tropes. First of all, the film doesn't just look bad - it's as if you asked 20 different people to describe the meaning of "dystopia" and made that into a stylistic choice. On top of the film looking dreadful, the acting choices are all over the place. It's never clear how anyone is supposed to feel or if they're even in the same movie. Theodore is an overly sincere character that was described by a producer as "idiot-like" while Goldberg's Coltrane waffles between being dismissive and malicious. 

    The film may have begun as a gritty science fiction film about cloning, but the addition of a talking dinosaur, a series of extended fart jokes, and a clothing montage managed to turn the film into a kaleidoscope of unnecessary details.  

  • All Dinosaurs Share A Psychic Connection on Random Bizarre True Story Behind Weirdest '90s Movie

    (#9) All Dinosaurs Share A Psychic Connection

    This detail is something that comes up twice and it's never discussed again. The film begins in a dream that informs Theodore that one of his dino-brethren has been murdered. He then goes on a Dale Cooper-esque hunt through the city to find the person that committed the "dinocide."


    After initially mentioning the psychic connection to Goldberg's character early in the film, it's not mentioned again until Molly Rex (voiced by Carol Kane!!!) also brings up the dream of the dino-death. But then that's the end of discussing the psychic connection between the dinos. There are moments in the film when the characters could actually use their powers to communicate with each other, but instead the film simply devolves into screeching and third act horseplay.

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