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  • Band of Gypsys on Random Greatest Albums

    (#45) Band of Gypsys

    Band of Gypsys on Random Greatest Albums
  • (#39) "Heroes"

    • Moss Garden, Beauty and the Beast, Joe the Lion, The Secret Life of Arabia, Sense of Doubt, Sons of the Silent Age, “Heroes”, Neuköln, Blackout
  • Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers on Random Greatest Albums

    (#35) Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers

    "Is This Love"

    "Three Little Birds"

    "Get Up, Stand Up"

  • Quadrophenia on Random Greatest Albums

    (#15) Quadrophenia

    • I’ve Had Enough, The Punk and the Godfather, 5:15, I’m One, I’m One, The Rock, The Rock, The Dirty Jobs, The Dirty Jobs, Doctor Jimmy, Bell Boy, Drowned, Quadrophenia, Sea and Sand, Helpless Dancer, Helpless Dancer, Cut My Hair, Is It in My Head, 5:15, I Am the Sea, The Punk Meets the Godfather, The Real Me, Is It in My Head?, Doctor Jimmy, I Am the Sea, Drowned, The Real Me, I’ve Had Enough, Sea and Sand, Bell Boy, Love, Reign O’er Me



    "Love, Reign o'er Me"

  • Tommy on Random Greatest Albums

    (#13) Tommy

    • Sally Simpson, I’m Free, Tommy’s Holiday Camp, 1921, Smash the Mirror, Christmas, Pinball Wizard, Tommy Can You Hear Me?, Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker), We’re Not Gonna Take It, Cousin Kevin, Go to the Mirror!, Sparks, Overture, There’s a Doctor, Fiddle About, Do You Think It’s Alright?, The Acid Queen, Amazing Journey, It’s a Boy, Underture, Welcome, Miracle Cure, Sensation

    "Pinball Wizard"

    "Dogs (Part Two)"

    "I'm Free"

  • Pearl on Random Greatest Albums

    (#44) Pearl

    • Me and Bobby McGee, Move Over, Half Moon, Get It While You Can, Buried Alive in the Blues, Mercedes Benz, A Woman Left Lonely, Trust Me, My Baby, Cry Baby

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About This Tool

What is the best album in your mind? You can find them in the most conspicuous position when you walk into any record store in any city in the world. The value of the music and the album cover correspond to each other. Those people who are not music fans or even those who do not understand contemporary pop music, they may be familiar with these album photos.

This random tool generates 3110 items, including the greatest albums of all-time. Whether it's the classic music or new pop music albums, you can find them here, such as Abbey Road, Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, etc.

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