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  • Hawkeye on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#6) Hawkeye

    • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Thor, The Avengers

    Who He Is: Clint Barton is a really good archer.

    Why Is He So Lucky? Hawkeye has faced aliens, robot hordes, and all manner of powerful supervillains, all with a bow and some arrows at his disposal. He's even gone toe-to-toe with far superior beings, only to hold his own by occasionally hitting them with his bow. Honestly, just the fact that he almost never runs out of arrows in his quiver is a testament to his luck.

    While Black Widow has proven she's a master spy and manipulator who stays alive thanks to her mental prowess, we've never been given a reason to believe Hawkeye is anything other than a guy with pretty good aim.

    Luckiest Moment: When he survives an alien onslaught and becomes an Avenger.

  • Ned Leeds on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#7) Ned Leeds

    • Marvel Universe

    Who He Is: In the MCU, Ned Leeds is the best friend of Peter Parker. A smart kid in his own right, he eventually becomes Peter's "guy in the chair," though the role is quickly passed to more capable hands.

    Why Is He So Lucky? Granted, if Ned was never friends with Peter, he'd never need to be saved by Peter. Still, taking the Chitauri Energy Core around with him and getting mixed up in supervillain fights are not good ideas. Luckily, Peter's always around to help. Even when it comes to his "guy in the chair" role, he's mostly a glorified Siri whose job could be handled by the AI in Spidey's suit or the legion of spies and superheroes who want to keep Peter alive.

    Luckiest Moment: When his best friend gets superpowers.

  • Star-Lord on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#2) Star-Lord

    • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Who He Is: Despite some dormant Celestial DNA, Peter Quill is just an average kid from Earth when he's picked up by space pirates. Luckily, they're hired by his dad to pick him up (or perhaps unluckily, as Ego is a maniacal monster). However, head pirate Yondu has a heart of gold and trains young Quill to be decent at... barely making it out alive most of the time.

    Why Is He So Lucky? Star-Lord is one of the most irrational, emotional, and incompetent heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he's lucky enough to have a number of more capable friends. He has some dirtbag charm that wins over fighters and thinkers more skilled than he, and it's their support that makes him seem as if he should be involved in the hero game - even in the face of so much evidence to the contrary.

    Luckiest Moment: When the universe is saved despite his stupidity.

  • Grandmaster on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#10) Grandmaster

    • Marvel Universe

    Who He Is: A mysterious and powerful being who controls an entire planet with a playful - but iron - fist.

    Why Is He So Lucky? We don't know much about the Grandmaster (or his brother, the Collector) in the MCU. His comic book incarnation is both ancient and powerful, but in the movies, we just know he's a dictator with some cool tech. We never actually see his abilities or learn how he manages to bend an entire planet to his will. Add that onto his aloof and incompetent nature, and it's a wonder he's held onto power, let alone survived.

    Luckiest Moment: When he talks his way out of being slain by a planet full of people he oppressed (assuming his survival is canon).

  • Ant-Man on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#1) Ant-Man

    • Ant-Man

    Who He Is: Scott Lang is a gifted programmer with some solid parkour skills and a bleeding heart.

    Why Is He So Lucky? Everything in the MCU that happens to Scott is based on how lucky he is, from getting the Ant-Man suit to beating Yellowjacket and surviving the Quantum Realm to avoiding Thanos's snap. He spends an entire film with a malfunctioning suit and still survives. Almost every move he makes is a gamble and he somehow always wins (though he often looks like a fool in the process).

    Luckiest Moment: When a rat just happens to trigger his return from the Quantum Realm, enabling him to help the Avengers save the universe.

  • Odin on Random Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Univers

    (#12) Odin

    • Thor: The Dark World, Thor, Ultimate Avengers 2, Marvel Universe

    Who He Is: Odin is the father of Thor, Loki, and Hela, and spends much of the MCU timeline ruling Asgard.

    Why Is He So Lucky? Odin, like most of the Asgardians and their neighbors, has plenty of powers. Heck, his very essence - the Odin Force - is named after him. But every decision he makes is a terrible one. He constantly plots and schemes, wreaking even more havoc than Loki. He even covers up his despotic past misdeeds and rebrands himself as a just and wise ruler, banishing his child in the process. Odin still keeps playing games though, proving where Loki really gets it from. It's never clear why his people or his family put up with him, apart from his immense power. 

    Luckiest Moment: Every time one of his ridiculous and dangerous schemes doesn't backfire on him.

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In April 1939, the company created the world’s first mutant anti-hero, the Marvel Superhero Florida, in the inaugural issue of the motion picture weekly, half a year before the company was founded, in October of that year, the company launched the world’s first bionic man Superhero, Human Torch, in issue 1 of Marvel Comics, and introduced him to it, a combination of water and fire that gave MARVEL its first punch.

The random tool generated 12 items, recording 12 very lucky characters in the Marvel movie world. Although some of them are not the main character, in the hearts of the audience left a deep impression even more wonderful than the main character. Their image is rich, their character is clear, their stand is firm, often in the most critical moment to make an unexpected choice, very impressive.

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