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Random Most Annoying Laughs In Anime History

  • Thumb of Principal Nezu - My Hero Academia video

    (#13) Principal Nezu - My Hero Academia

    Sounds like: WAHAHAHA!

    Principal Nezu, the humanoid mouse in charge of U.A. High School, is usually a pretty chill dude - but on the rare occasion that he does get riled up, he'll bust out with one of these laughs. It's only a little bit like a jackhammer to the eardrum. 

  • Thumb of Brook video

    (#15) Brook

    • One Piece (JP), One Piece Film: Strong World, One Piece Film: Z, Miss Valentine

    Sounds like: Yohohohohoho! 

    Sorry to inundate you with One Piece, but this show is truly exceptional when it comes to cringe-worthy laughs. Brook's laugh actually does sound sufficiently like a pirate, but the fact that he doesn't start talking about bottles of rum afterward makes the laugh less appalling. Also, how does he even laugh at all? He doesn't have lungs. 

  • Thumb of Renge Houshakuji video

    (#2) Renge Houshakuji

    • Ouran High School Host Club

    Sounds like: Ohohohoho!

    Renge isn't the originator of the Noblewoman's Laugh, but she definitely popularized it. While her laugh completely fits her demanding, in-your-face personality, it's not exactly pleasant to listen to literally every time she appears. 

  • Thumb of Grell Sutcliff video

    (#11) Grell Sutcliff

    • Black Butler

    Sounds like: Huhuhuhuh... AHAHAHAHAHA!

    The most annoying part of Grell's laugh is that he doesn't open his mouth or even move his face after his appearance shift. Sure, it sounds bad, but if the animation doesn't even match up with the sound, it's just plain awkward. Where is the laugh even coming from, his chainsaw?

  • Thumb of Gecko Moria video

    (#1) Gecko Moria

    Sounds like: Kishishishishishi

    Gekko Moriah is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates, and his laugh is an honest-to-god travesty. He sounds like a dog who swallowed a deflating mattress. Even worse, it's an earworm - you won't be able to forget the sound long after the scene is over. 

  • Thumb of The Moon - Soul Eater video

    (#12) The Moon - Soul Eater

    Sounds like: *grinding noises*

    The Moon is an important part of the backdrop in the world of Soul Eater, and it often calls attention to itself with its mechanical snickering. First off, it's annoying to have what is basically a narration device tell viewers how to feel about whatever has happened or is about to happen. Second, the sound itself is just plain grating.

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