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  • (#16) You Fight More Than You Used To

  • (#8) Their Phone Is Constantly Blowing Up And They Never Check It

  • (#23) You're Constantly Being Called At The Last Minute To Do Things

  • (#1) You've Never Been Introduced As Their Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

  • (#10) They Have Nameless, Pronounless, "Friends"

  • (#19) You've Never Been On A Real Date

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About This Tool

When you are in love, it is absolutely difficult to find that the person you are going to date is an immoral person. Love often makes people blind. But as time goes by and gets closer to each other, people will find some details that they didn't notice at the beginning of the relationship. Some signs are that everyone who is dating multiple other people will have. 

With such a person, you will never be truly happy, because his needs and happiness are more important than your needs. It seems that you are dating a child rather than an adult. The random tool lists 25 signs of a person who is dating multiple other people.

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