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  • The Brown Grand Theatre on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#14) The Brown Grand Theatre

    Concordia, Kansas' Brown Grand Theatre was constructed in 1907 and plays host to the ghost of the theater owner's son, Earl Brown. Many performers and members of the crew who've spent time in the theater have noted that Earl likes to hang out in the wings during opening season. Even to a ghost there's no business like show business. 

  • The Belasco Theater on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#8) The Belasco Theater

    With the amount of suffering that happens eight times a week on Broadway, it's astounding that every theater on the great white way isn't full of ghosts tearing up playbills and ruining performances of Hamilton willy-nilly. Thankfully, the Belasco Theater more than makes up for the area's lack of spooky sightings. After his death in 1931 the theater's owner, David Belasco, began to appear wearing a clerical collar and cassock, something that he liked to wear while he was still alive. Many actors have seen him skulking around the theater and have even attempted to talk to him with little luck. 

  • Cincinnati Music Hall on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#3) Cincinnati Music Hall

    • Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

    For some reason Ohio is really, super haunted. Whether it's "the ridges," a haunted asylum turned art museum that's so spooky that two people have to open and close it every night, or the Cincinnati Music Hall, a theater that was built over a potter's field - a cemetery for the destitute, Ohio is bonkers haunted. 

    And just in case you think that's an old wives' tale, in 1988, during the installation of an elevator shaft, bones of adults and children were exhumed from under the Music Hall. People have been seeing ghosts on the property since at least 1876. John Engst, a night watchman for the Music Hall, has had plenty of run-ins with the paranormal while working there, but the strangest occurrence happened when he began hearing music playing after everyone had left.

    He told the Friends of Music Hall: "I reentered the elevator and closed the doors. The music was still there and I'm starting to tingle now. I opened the rear of the elevator, entered the adjoining hall, no sound. Returning to the elevator to proceed to Corbett Tower and closed it up, the music was as beautiful as ever."

  • The Hollywood Pacific Theater on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#4) The Hollywood Pacific Theater

    It goes without saying that Hollywood is one of the most haunted cities in America. Even the citizens who are still living tend to have a ghostly quality about them, so for something to be haunted in the City of Angels it needs to be pretty f*cking spooky.

    The main manifestation that haunts the Pacific Theater is that of Sam Warner, one of the O.G. Warner Brothers who not only help construct the theater, but who also helped make Los Angeles the town it is today. Multiple guards who work at the Pacific have reported seeing Mr. Warner taking the elevator up to his office, and they say that during quiet hours of the night he can be heard shuffling his furniture around. That has to be super annoying for whoever works in that office now. 

  • Mabel Tainter Center For The Arts on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#11) Mabel Tainter Center For The Arts

    This lovely theater in Wisconsin plays host to a bevy of apparitions, but the main ghost seems to be that of Mabel herself, a young woman who passed away before she could see the final construction of the building. Multiple people have seen a young woman making her way through the halls, and a few women have even mentioned that they've seen something floating near the women's restroom.

    Aside from the female ghost there seems to be an apparition that was either once a stage hand at the theater (or possibly someone that just loves to mess with stage hands), that tries to play with the sound equipment when no one is paying attention. 

  • The W.E. Scott Theater on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#2) The W.E. Scott Theater

    After you stop by the Stock Yards for some buckin' broncos and barbecue, take a trip to Fort Worth's own W.E. Scott Theater, a spot that's been known to host the manifestations of its founder, William Edrington Scott. Scott died of lung cancer before seeing his vision and future namesake brought to life.

    Another entity that haunts the building is that of Kenneth Walker Yandle, an actor who was employed by the theater as a stage hand. Local reports say that Yandle committed suicide by hanging himself in the prop room of the theater in 1970, and that he's been heard laughing beneath the stage. It's good that he kept his sense of humor in the afterlife, at least. 

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Even if you visit the most remote small town in the United States, you may hear about some local ghost stories and find several haunted hotels or theaters. It seems that the United States is a country full of ghosts. Some American cities are famous for their particularly haunted theaters due to their long and strange historical stories. 

This random tool collected some simple information about 14 haunted theaters, which are the most haunted theaters all over the United States that people need to escape from. If you are brave enough, you can also run towards them and have an adventure.

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