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  • It Takes Over 100 Robots To Run A Hotel on Random thing You Need To Know About Japan's Robot Hotels

    (#4) It Takes Over 100 Robots To Run A Hotel

    Running a hotel is no easy feat. You have to clean, deliver room service, answer guests' questions, and process a ton of paperwork. You might think that a handful of tireless, endlessly patient robots could manage a single hotel. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

    In the original Henn-na Hotel, tasks are completed by 182 robots. However, a second location of the hotel is set to open near Tokyo Disney Resort, and will start out with 140 robots, two of which are concierges.

  • Thumb of They Could Move Overseas video

    (#13) They Could Move Overseas

    Currently, the only two robot hotels in the world are in Japan. But that might not be the case for long: Huis Ten Bosch President Hideo Sawada aims to build at 1,000 robot hotels worldwide.

    If you can't wait to experience robot hospitality, there are options in the United States. Dozens of American hotels use Savioke Relay robots to deliver items to rooms.

  • Robot Hotels Started In A Theme Park on Random thing You Need To Know About Japan's Robot Hotels

    (#2) Robot Hotels Started In A Theme Park

    Huis Ten Bosch, in Nagasaki Prefecture, isn't your average theme park. It recreates the Netherlands with full-sized Dutch buildings, and even a harbor with ships. Since the park first opened in 1992, visitors have come for the unique shopping, the boat tours of the canals, and to learn more about Dutch culture. Today, they also come to stay at Henn-na Hotel.

    But why put a robot-run hotel in a Netherlands-themed amusement park? The hotel was built here initially because the park's head and the hotel's CEO were working side-by-side on the project. The theme park was struggling financially, and had begun adopting higher-tech attractions to bring in new guests. Henn-na Hotel seemed like a natural extension of those changes.

  • Thumb of Your Room Knows If You're Hot Or Cold video

    (#11) Your Room Knows If You're Hot Or Cold

    At Henn-na Hotel, even your room uses advanced technology. Rather than having the usual air conditioning, each hotel room has large radiation panel that can sense body temperatures inside the room. When your body temperature changes, the temperature of the room will adjust in order to maintain it. Many of these in-room features run on solar power, so the hotel is surprisingly energy-efficient.

    Of course, if you find that you like your room colder or hotter, you can always adjust the temperature, thanks to your little in-room helper.

  • Thumb of They're Recognized By The Guinness Book Of World Records video

    (#12) They're Recognized By The Guinness Book Of World Records

    Henn-na Hotel officially opened in 2015. In 2016, The Guinness Book of World Records announced that, as the first robot-staffed hotel in the world, Henn-na deserved a place in world record history. At the time of its recognition, the hotel had already welcomed over 78,000 guests.

  • Some Of The Robots Speak English on Random thing You Need To Know About Japan's Robot Hotels

    (#7) Some Of The Robots Speak English

    Henn-na Hotel is currently targeted to a mostly Japanese-speaking population, but it's still accessible to English-speaking visitors. When you first walk in, a large plush creature will welcome you first in Japanese, and then in English. When you get to the reception desk, the English-speaking robot is indicated by a sign. Once you're checked in, your room will include a card of basic phrases in Japanese for you to say to your in-room helper.

    In the future, all robots in the hotel may be able to speak with you in your native language. Robots at the reception desk have already learned Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.

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