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  • Mr. Bevis on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#9) Mr. Bevis

    • June 3, 1960

    IMDb Score: 6.7

    Synopsis: After losing his job, being kick out of his apartment, and wrecking his car all in the same day, a guardian angel comes down to Earth to lend Mr. Bevis a much-needed helping hand. 

    Why it falls short: This is another example of The Twilight Zone attempting comedy and falling short. Once you know where it's going, the episode loses all of its steam. It feels more like an afterschool special than an episode of a prestigious television series. 

  • The Whole Truth on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#8) The Whole Truth

    • January 20, 1961

    IMDb Score: 6.5

    Synopsis: A used-car dealer ends up purchasing a vehicle from an old man who says it's haunted. He doesn't believe it at first, but he soon finds himself compelled to always tell the truth. 

    Why it falls short: You may recognize this premise from the Jim Carrey movie Liar, Liar. And in all honesty, you're better off watching that film. This episode really doesn't go beyond the joke of "used car salesman must be truthful about the awful cars he's trying to sell." It's a one-note joke that gets played-out fast. Season Two was awash with comedic episodes, and while some hit, others missed by a mile. This episode, along with "Mr. Dingle, the Strong", are two of the season's weaker ones.

  • The Crossing on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#17) The Crossing

    • Oct 08 1988

    IMDb Score: 5.5

    Synopsis: An overstressed and under-appreciated priest is working overtime to try to fund a new children's wing at the nearby hospital. As work and stress start to get the better of him, he begins to see visions of a car crash with a burning child left inside.

    Why it falls short: The dialogue and acting are all top-notch, but the plot, in addition to being fairly predictable, is missing some crucial elements. The ending left more than a few viewers slightly agitated, although some viewers actually commended the change of pace.

  • Sounds and Silences on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#13) Sounds and Silences

    • April 3, 1964

    IMDb Score: 5.9

    Synopsis: Roswell G. Flemington has a peculiar obsession with loud noises. After his wife eventually leaves him, starts to hear all sorts of little random noises. After seeking psychiatric help, but after trying to calm the noise, Flemington inadvertently turns the world silent.

    Why it falls short: Karmic irony is The Twilight Zone's strong suit. The problem is that it becomes all too easy to see where this episode is going once you see the set-up. The man first hears everything, and then he can't hear anything at all. It's just too simplistic for what the series was capable of. 

  • Hocus-Pocus and Frisby on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#11) Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

    • April 13, 1962

    IMDb Score: 7.5

    Synopsis: Somerset Frisby, a loud-mouth gas attendant in a small town, has a knack for telling tall tales. After hearing his yarns and believing they're real, a group of aliens travel to earth to abduct him. After pleading with the aliens to let him go, Frisby soon discovers that they can't stand the sound of his harmonica.

    Why it falls short: The script for this episode just feels lazy. It's essentially a huge line of comedic antics. Worst of all, the episode ends with a terrible deus ex machina because they clearly just wrote themselves into a corner. Unable to understand the concept of lying, Frisby is only able to make his escape after he discovers that he can use his harmonica to incapacitate the aliens. Pretty weak.

  • What's in the Box on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Twilight Zone'

    (#15) What's in the Box

    • March 13, 1964

    IMDb Score: 7.3

    Synopsis: An old married couple fights a lot. After their TV is repaired, they begin seeing programming showing them in the future. And it shows the husband killing his wife. 

    Why it falls short: "What's in the Box" has a tried-and-true formula. A man sees into the future, and through his attempts to avoid that fate, he ends up making it come true. Unfortunately, here the formula falls short as you know what's going to happen from the very beginning. There's no compelling twist, no ah-ha moment; just a mundane episode with predictable plot points.

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The Twilight Zone consists of five seasons of independent dramas aired on CBS from 1959 to 1964. Although it did not produce the classic high standards that people expected, its mysterious and vague atmosphere is still quite attractive. This classic supernatural TV drama has since been remade in many different versions. Although it is an old drama, it is still worth watching for horror fans.

To be honest, The Twilight Zone has a lot of bad episodes due to backward filming technology at the time. The rand tool lists 20 of the worst episodes of the Twilight Zone you could skip.

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