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Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

  • The Winter Soldier on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#10) The Winter Soldier

    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Who He Is: Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. He served alongside his childhood chum Steve Rogers after he became Captain America. He was believed deceased but resurfaced some 70 years later as the Winter Soldier, a former Soviet/HYDRA operative.

    Why Is He So Dirty? For decades, Barnes was cryogenically frozen, only to be released periodically to go on assignments. That's why he remains young more than a century after he was born. When a person is cryogenically frozen, everything on and in them is frozen as well. This includes bacteria and viral pathogens. There's a good chance he has the Spanish Flu somewhere on his person, and who knows what else?

    His Dirtiest Moment: He can work up a sweat fighting, but his dirtiest moments stem from stepping in and out of his cryo-chamber.

  • Korg on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#11) Korg

    • Planet Hulk

    Who He Is: Korg is a Kronan warrior whose failed attempt at a revolution landed him in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. He met Miek and Thor through his new occupation, and with some help, he got his revolution. Since then, he's stayed by Thor's side, becoming one of his closest friends and allies.

    Why Is He So Dirty? It's not really his fault; Korg is a self-described "pile of rocks."

    His Dirtiest Moment: When he's seen on New Asgard, he's become something of a sloppy guy sitting on the couch all the time. He's also still a pile of rocks.

  • Trevor Slattery on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#5) Trevor Slattery

    Who He Is: A former actor with legal issues and a substance dependency, which made him an ideal candidate for Aldrich Killian, who hired him to pose as the Mandarin . He took responsibility for Killian's accidents, making them seem like intentional extremist attacks.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Trevor is a nasty guy who doesn't care about his personal hygiene at all. All he cares about is getting his next fix and staying in his opulent surroundings for as long as possible.

    His Dirtiest Moment: Pretty much anytime he's onscreen as Trevor. When he was in his guise as the Mandarin, he wasn't necessarily dirty, but when Tony Stark captured him, he was revealed to be a nasty individual.

  • Ant-Man on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#14) Ant-Man

    • Ant-Man

    Who He Is: Scott Edward Harris Lang was an ex-con working at Baskin Robbins when his criminal career came to light. After being canned, he decided to go on a heist, which turned out to be more of a recruiting task to make Lang the new Ant-Man. With Hank Pym's technology and training, which was also provided by the reluctant Hope van Dyne, Lang became a superhero capable of communicating with ants, shrinking to infinitesimally small stature, and becoming giant, all with the push of a button.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Lang isn't a dirty guy normally, but he picks up more than enough grime shrinking down to play with ants.

    His Dirtiest Moment: Anytime he was seen running through ant tunnels, but especially in the pictured scene where he grew out of fear in the middle of the yard.

  • Miek on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#7) Miek

    • Planet Hulk

    Who He Is: Miek is a Sakaaran warrior who was forced to fight in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. He fights from within a robotic exoskeleton equipped with large blades where his hands would be. He was a close friend of Korg, which made him an ally of Thor, but by the end of Thor: Ragnarok, he had lost his exoskeleton suit, and was a large purple mass of bug.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Despite being an intelligent insect, Miek is still an insect, and he doesn't have any interest in keeping himself clean. 

    His Dirtiest Moment: Pretty much anytime you see Miek on screen, he's a dirty little bug.

  • Groot on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#15) Groot

    • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Who He Is: Groot is a Flora Colossus and the best friend of Rocket. He's a walking, talking (as long as it's saying "I am Groot") tree. But don't let his simplistic vocabulary fool you; Groot is incredibly intelligent and deadly. He can grow his limbs in an instant and is ridiculously strong. Through the course of his time in the MCU, he's perished twice but has come back each time. The first was as a sapling from his original body, and the second was after the Hulk undid Thanos' snap.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Like Korg, he's made of organic material, unlike other species. Where Korg is rock, Groot is made from plant material, making him mostly tree in appearance.

    His Dirtiest Moment: He regrew as a new Groot out of the soil in a pot. He literally grew from dirt, which makes him the product of it. He's dirty.

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