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  • (#8) Killing Gets Easier With Time

    Redditor /u/Romandi asked:

    What did you feel when [you] killed a man for the first time? Did you kill women or children? Which weapon did you use?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    The first time I felt like throwing up, it was the strangest feeling in the world. It is like understanding in the world you are nothing and that is all. In a moment you are here and the other you are not. Your problems go away. I remember that night sweating, thinking everyone knew I did it. It slowly fades in memory and you forget.

    I used all kinds of weapons. My first time was with a rusted revolver type pistol. I don't remember much other than being told I had 3 bullets and that was it.

    No children. We tried to avoid that. Has it happened? Yes, but that is life. Only those who deserved it were killed. A sapo is a sapo regardless of gender. (*Sapo is slang for frog, which can be used for people who assist police.)

  • (#11) Sometimes, It's Best To Kill From Afar

    Redditor /u/Romandi asked:

    Did you use snipers?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    I was not involved but did hear about someone sniping out a person who always stayed locked in their house. They stayed in the house across the street and took the first shot they had a chance to do so. From the story I was told, he was setting up the equipment when the person was stepping out of the shower, walking into the bedroom. Instead of setting up, he set up the rifle and took the shot, he then left within a few minutes.

  • (#2) What Motivates Someone To Call In A Hit?

    Redditor /u/ryeinn asked:

    What kind of motives did people who hired you give? Or did they not give any?

    Were there riders attached to killing contracts?

    Redditor /u/throwaway55667788 replied:

    The majority of them, I never knew the motives. Most I suspect were competitors involved in the industries of my family friends. A few were in very far away locations - these I think were contracted through my employer. I don't know many questions because it is not the kind of business in which one asks questions.

    There were some riders. Generally deaths were specified as either quick or slow. Occasionally they were more specific - staged suicides, accidents, or in a specific location. Some were particularly gruesome.

  • (#7) An Ex-Cartel Killer Might Come Back, If The Price Was Right

    Redditor /u/CVTHIZZKID asked:

    Do you work a legal job now, or do you still work for the cartel?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    Yes, I have a legal job now. I run machinery at an olive oil plant/farm. I don't work for them, but if they contact me, I would perhaps take the job if it paid enough... $5-8k plus 1 kilo of weed.

  • (#1) You Don't Think Of Targets As People

    Redditor /u/lostninja815 asked:

    Is it hard to take someone's life? Do you wake up in the middle of night feeling sorry for your victims?

    Redditor /u/throwaway55667788 replied:

    It is very easy because you don't think of them as people. You think of them as jobs. That makes it as simple as pushing a button. But yes, I suppose I do feel sorry for some of my victims. It's likely more than a few had done nothing wrong. I have nightmares about some jobs that I would not have done in retrospect. I have insomnia.

    So I do literally wake up some nights and think I don't deserve to live.

  • (#16) How Does The Cartel Obtain Their Guns?

    Redditor /u/deprivedchild asked:

    How did you procure weapons? What were the most common available?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    Many were bought legally in the US and smuggled to Mexico. Machine guns and handguns are easily available. A 9mm unused sells for $200 here, but the bullets run you about $5 each.

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