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  • [No.]: 6
    [Coach]: Mike Sheppard
    [Tenure]: 1984–1986
    [Seasons]: 3
    [Win]: 16
    [Loss]: 18
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .471
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]:  
    [Coach]:  Totals 
    [Tenure]:  1955–1991 
    [Seasons]:  37
    [Win]:  199
    [Loss]:  183
    [Tie]:  4
    [Pct.]: .520
    [Bowls]:  1

  • [No.]: 7
    [Coach]: Larry Reisbig
    [Tenure]: 1987–1989
    [Seasons]: 3
    [Win]: 11
    [Loss]: 24
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .314
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 1
    [Coach]: Mike DeLotto
    [Tenure]: 1955–1957
    [Seasons]: 3
    [Win]: 13
    [Loss]: 10
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .565
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 9
    [Coach]: Willie Brown
    [Tenure]: 1991
    [Seasons]: 1
    [Win]: 2
    [Loss]: 9
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .182
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 5
    [Coach]: Dave Currey
    [Tenure]: 1977–1983
    [Seasons]: 7
    [Win]: 40
    [Loss]: 36
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .526
    [Bowls]: 0

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About This Tool

California State University, Long Beach/CSULB is one of the world’s top public universities with a high academic reputation. California State University, Long Beach is one of the top undergraduate universities in the prestigious California State University system, attracting the world’s elite to pursue more than 150 bachelor’s and master’s programs each year. Its specialties include accounting, the arts, business management, civil engineering and mass communication. Its outstanding advantages are its transdisciplinarity, its location in a large city, and its teaching methods that combine classroom learning with practice. Moreover, with many enterprises have partnerships, students have the opportunity to find a lot of local internship work, the accumulation of internship experience.

The random generator tool compiles 10 entries detailing the famous Football Head Coaches from California State University, Long Beach. Some of them are known for their excellent playing skills, others for their strict training patterns. They have all produced some very good football players.

Click the "Display All Items" button and you will get a list of Long Beach State 49ers head football coaches.

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