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Random London Underground-related Fictionreport

  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) (Films)

  • Julian Barnes: Metroland (1981) (Novels)

  • Conrad Williams: London Revenant (2004) (Novels)

  • Darkest Hour (2017) (Films)

  • Bulldog Jack (1935) (Films)

  • John Betjeman: "South Kentish Town" (1951) (Short stories)

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Character, plot and environment are the three elements of the novel. The plot generally includes the beginning, the development, the high tide, the ending four parts, some include the prologue, the CODA. The environment includes natural environment and social environment. Novels can be divided into novels, novellas, short stories, and Flash Fiction (short stories) according to length and volume. According to the performance of the content can be divided into myth, Xianxia, martial arts, science fiction, suspense, ancient legend, contemporary and so on. According to the system can be divided into chapter-back style novel, diary-style novel, Epistolary Style novel, autobiographical style novel. According to the language form, it can be divided into classical Chinese novels and vernacular novels. Fiction, poetry, prose and drama are called “the four major literary genres” . The method of portraying characters in novels: psychological description, action description, language description, appearance description and manner description. At the same time, novels are a writing method.

The random generator tool, which collates 126 items from the London Underground related novel and short stories, introduces the differences between the different properties of the novel, as well as chapters adapted for television.v

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