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  • Neji Hyuga on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#4) Neji Hyuga

    • Fictional Character

    Cancer is a wave of sensitive, cynical energy - going hand-in-hand with Neji Hyuga. Much like the Crab that represents this zodiac sign, a Cancer will shell themselves away - tucking their emotions behind an unbreakable mental barrier. A whirlwind of creative talent and emotional moodiness, both Cancer signs and Neji are skilled and complex individuals.

    Although they prefer isolation, they have a lot of compassion for others. They care deeply for their friends and family and will stop at nothing to protect them.

  • Shino Aburame on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#11) Shino Aburame

    Born to be original and independent, an Aquarius is an eccentric star sign that's always thinking ahead of the curve. Shino Aburame's Aquarius features show through his guarded personality and his continuous attempts to remain a man of mystery. Although his emotions are elusive, his communication is very direct. He carries around a very matter-of-fact and nitpicking attitude, giving his opinions when nobody really wants them.

    As for the eccentricity of an Aquarius, Shino Aburame's ability to explode with bugs is a fairly bizarre and abnormal trait to have. It might be gross, but it shows absolute loyalty to the concept of teamwork.

  • Naruto Uzumaki on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#7) Naruto Uzumaki

    • Fictional Character

    Impulsive, vain, and delusional, a Libra might not seem like they have the personality of a title protagonist, but rest assured they will stop at nothing to keep the peace. Naruto, like the zodiac sign Libra, comes equipped with an overwhelmingly strong sense of justice. His melodramatic attitude is charming and lovable, and even though he acts like a spoiled brat, he would never do it with the intention of hurting others.

    Living the true Libra lifestyle, Naruto is a complex ninja with a big heart. He is a hero to others and strives to be fair and kind. They would be the first one to stand up to a bully and the last one to leave a (ramen) bar.

  • Orochimaru on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#8) Orochimaru

    • Fictional Character

    Although a slithering, serpentine villain who never ceases to stop his reign of terror over others, Orochimaru carries all the positive and negative qualities of the Scorpion zodiac sign, Scorpio. Possessive, yet magnetic. Obsessive, yet passionate. Manipulative, yet - no, they're just manipulative.

    Orochimaru is the perfect example of a brilliant Scorpio that's gone down a dark path. They're intense people who have a mind as sharp as their wit. They need to have the upper hand, no matter what the situation is, and nobody dares to stand in their way unless they're ready to confront the Scorpio's vengeful sting.

  • Choji Akimichi on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#2) Choji Akimichi

    • Fictional Character

    Taurus is the proud Bull of the zodiac, and the only sign fit to match the ever-enduring Chōji Akimichi. Choji is a ninja who is super passionate about food, and a Taurus is never one to pass up an eye-catching meal. Choji is constantly eating and gets extremely worked up about his snacks and meals - so much to the point where others tend to see him as indulgent and selfish.

    No matter how their eating habits or binge-y natures impact how others see Choji or Taurus, it will never change the fact that they're both masters of perseverance. They'll always be around to provide support and never back down from a tough situation. 

  • Gaara on Random Naruto Character According To different Zodiac Signs

    (#10) Gaara

    • Fictional Character

    A cold and calculating symbol of devotion and maturity, Capricorns are a prestigious star sign that holds their status in high regards. Gaara embraces the unforgiving and cold nature of a Capricorn - honing his skills to become a lethal weapon of destruction. Their ambition can often make them pessimistic towards the world and complete snobs to others - only because nobody can stand in the way of their goals.

    When a Capricorn has their sights set on something, their focus is unparalleled. They have a will of stone and they'll never quit a task they've already started. Their elitism is only a reflection of their hard work and persistence.

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The hottest topic now is nothing more than zodiac signs. According to the date of birth, the person’s zodiac signs and personality can be inferred. Different zodiac signs are known for different personalities. In the famous anime series Naruto, each character has a very distinct personality. Do you want to know which character in Naruto is the same as you?

The reason why Naruto is so popular, in addition to the interesting storyline, is the portrayal of each characters' different personality. The random tool introduced 12 fictional characters in Naruto who are representative of unique zodiac signs.

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