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Random WWE Superstars Who Deserve To Be In Hall Of Fame

  • Thumb of John Cena video

    (#6) John Cena

    • TV Episode

    WWE debut: June 27th, 2002

    John Cena has been the face of WWE for longer than anyone in company history. In fact, Cena's multiple WWE world title reigns and main event matches are unparalleled. For all the years Cena carried the company, there's definitely no one more deserving of a WWE Hall of Fame induction, and even all the Cena haters can see that! 

  • Thumb of Brian Pillman video

    (#19) Brian Pillman

    • Wrestler

    WWE debut: June 10th, 1996

    Sadly, Brian Pillman's tenure in WWE seemed cursed (he passed away a little over a year after signing with the company), but as a member of the Hart Foundation in the summer of 1997, he definitely made a mark on one of the hottest storylines in WWE history. Pillman was a tremendous wrestler when he was with WCW and was a trailblazer in regards to blurring the lines between what is real and fake in professional wrestling. Pillman's loose cannon character is still talked about to this day and his influence on current pro wrestlers is enough to merit a WWE Hall of Fame induction. 

  • Thumb of The Big Show video

    (#3) The Big Show

    • Film

    WWE debut: February 14th, 1999

    The Big Show is one of the greatest big men to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He's been with the WWE for two decades and has won just about every men's title they have (except for the cruiserweight, of course). When the Big Show enters the WWE Hall of Fame it'll be well earned. 

  • Thumb of Kane video

    (#5) Kane

    • Wrestler

    WWE Debut: June 26th, 1995 as Dr. Issaac Yankem, October 5th, 1997 as Kane

    Kane has left his mark for over 22 years as being one of the most popular and most unforgettable characters in WWE history. A character that could've been a throwaway gimmick if it was mishandled during his initial storyline became one of the most accomplished and decorated. Kane has multiple title reigns, memorable matches, and feuds that people still talk about to this day. In fact, Kane has made an impact in and out of the ring as he's now the actual mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Through hellfire and brimstone, Kane will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. Maybe.    


  • Thumb of Goldust video

    (#9) Goldust

    • Wrestler

    WWE debut: September 21st, 1990 (as Dustin Rhodes) October 22nd, 1995

    Dustin Rhodes/Goldust was the first domino in what became the WWE Attitude Era. He was a few years ahead of the biggest boom period in pro wrestling but in late 1995 Goldust was an androgynous envelope-pushing character who cleared the way for a number of edgy characters to hit the big leagues. While Goldust won many championships during his multiple stints with the WWE, it's the character's staying power that is his most notable accomplishment. He may not currently be portraying Goldust in WWE, but Dustin Rhodes is still competing at an elite level.

  • Thumb of Miss Elizabeth video

    (#11) Miss Elizabeth

    • Media Personality

    WWE debut: July 30th, 1985

    Miss Elizabeth was a vital cog in the hall of fame career of Macho Man Randy Savage. She was just as popular as Savage was and played a pivotal role in all of his major storylines. She garnered the nickname the First Lady of Professional Wrestling because that's exactly what she was when Savage was on top. Miss Elizabeth brought a feminine aspect to WWE that hadn't ever been seen before, not to mention bringing a fresh female perspective to WWE television. She definitely deserves to be the First Lady of the WWE Hall of Fame. 

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