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Movies Similar To Charlie St. Cloud(2010)

Here some top rated movies similar to Charlie St. Cloud:

  • similar movie 1



    Rating: 6.9  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis, Danny Aiello, Julie Bovasso, John Mahoney, Louis Guss, Feodor Chaliapin Jr.

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 2


    Cold Mountain(2003)

    Rating: 6.9  Genre:Adventure, Drama, History, Romance

    Cast: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Eileen Atkins, Brendan Gleeson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Donald Sutherland

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 3


    The Bridges of Madison County(1995)

    Rating: 7.7  Genre:Drama, Romance

    Cast: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Annie Corley, Victor Slezak, Jim Haynie, Sarah Kathryn Schmitt, Christopher Kroon, Phyllis Lyons, Debra Monk

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 4


    God's Own Country(2017)

    Rating: 7.8  Genre:Romance, Drama

    Cast: Josh O'Connor, Gemma Jones, Alec Secăreanu, Ian Hart, Harry Lister Smith, Patsy Ferran, Naveed Choudhry, Stefan Dermendjiev, Moey Hassan

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 5


    Flavors of Youth(2018)

    Rating: 6.8  Genre:Animation, Romance, Drama

    Cast: Taito Ban, Mariya Ise, Minako Kotobuki, Haruka Shiraishi, Hiroki Yasumoto, Takeo Otsuka, Ikumi Hasegawa

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 6


    Forrest Gump(1994)

    Rating: 8.5  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field, Michael Conner Humphreys, Hanna Hall, Haley Joel Osment, Siobhan Fallon Hogan

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 7


    It Could Happen to You(1994)

    Rating: 6.5  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez, Wendell Pierce, Isaac Hayes, Víctor Rojas, Seymour Cassel, Stanley Tucci, J.E. Freeman

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 8


    About a Boy(2002)

    Rating: 6.7  Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

    Cast: Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, Rachel Weisz, Natalia Tena, Victoria Smurfit, Augustus Prew, Sharon Small, Madison Cook

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 9



    Rating: 7.1  Genre:Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

    Cast: Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, Josef Sommer, Lukas Haas, Jan Rubeš, Alexander Godunov, Danny Glover, Brent Jennings, Patti LuPone

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 10


    Ruby Red(2013)

    Rating: 7  Genre:Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Drama, Science Fiction, Romance

    Cast: Maria Ehrich, Jannis Niewöhner, Laura Berlin, Uwe Kockisch, Josefine Preuß, Florian Bartholomäi, Katharina Thalbach, Veronica Ferres, Anna Böttcher

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 11


    Forever Young(1992)

    Rating: 6.5  Genre:Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Romance

    Cast: Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, Isabel Glasser, George Wendt, Joe Morton, Nicolas Surovy, David Marshall Grant, Robert Hy Gorman

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 12


    The Diary of a Teenage Girl(2015)

    Rating: 6.6  Genre:Drama, Romance

    Cast: Bel Powley, Kristen Wiig, Alexander Skarsgård, Christopher Meloni, Austin Lyon, Madeleine Waters, Margarita Levieva, Quinn Nagle, Abby Wait

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 13


    The World to Come(2021)

    Rating: 7  Genre:Romance, Drama, Western

    Cast: Katherine Waterston, Casey Affleck, Vanessa Kirby, Christopher Abbott, Kim Ciobanu, Daniel Blumberg, Andreea Vasile, James Longshore

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 14


    Suite Française(2015)

    Rating: 7.3  Genre:Drama, Romance, War

    Cast: Michelle Williams, Kristin Scott Thomas, Matthias Schoenaerts, Sam Riley, Ruth Wilson, Heino Ferch, Tom Schilling, Harriet Walter, Alexandra Maria Lara

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 15


    The Notebook(2004)

    Rating: 7.9  Genre:Romance, Drama

    Cast: Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Sam Shepard, Joan Allen, James Marsden, David Thornton, Kevin Connolly

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 16


    Vanilla Sky(2001)

    Rating: 6.8  Genre:Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

    Cast: Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, Jason Lee, Noah Taylor, Michael Shannon, Timothy Spall, Tilda Swinton

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 17


    Crazy, Stupid, Love.(2011)

    Rating: 7.3  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Bacon, Lio Tipton, Jonah Bobo, Joey King

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 18


    One Day(2011)

    Rating: 7.4  Genre:Drama, Romance

    Cast: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Tom Mison, Jodie Whittaker, Rafe Spall, Patricia Clarkson, Ken Stott, Romola Garai, Matt Berry

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 19


    Along for the Ride(2022)

    Rating: 6.7  Genre:Romance, Drama

    Cast: Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, Kate Bosworth, Andie MacDowell, Laura Kariuki, Dermot Mulroney, Genevieve Hannelius, Samia Finnerty, Paul Karmiryan

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 20


    Just My Luck(2006)

    Rating: 6.1  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance

    Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine, Samaire Armstrong, Bree Turner, Faizon Love, Missi Pyle, Makenzie Vega, Carlos Ponce, Danny Jones

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

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Charlie St. Cloud is a Drama, Romance film starring , Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, Amanda Crew, Augustus Prew, Donal Logue, Kim Basinger, Ray Liotta, Dave Franco, Matt Ward, . The film is released in 2010 and has a score of 7/10. Below is the plot introduce.

Accomplished sailor Charlie St. Cloud has the adoration of his mother Claire and his little brother Sam, as well as a college scholarship that will lead him far from his sleepy Pacific Northwest hometown. But his bright future is cut short when a tragedy strikes and takes his dreams with it. After his high-school classmate Tess returns home unexpectedly, Charlie grows torn between honoring a promise he made four years earlier and moving forward with newfound love. And as he finds the courage to let go of the past for good, Charlie discovers the soul most worth saving is his own.

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