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  • Miriam Butterworth 1936 – American educator, activist, and politician who taught at Loomis Chaffee. (Faculty)

  • George P. Shultz 1938 – former United States Secretary of State (S)

  • James B. Twitchell 1962 – author and former professor of English at University of Florida (T)

  • Guilford Dudley Jr. 1925 – United States Ambassador to Denmark (D)

  • Kalena Bovell— American conductor who currently serves as assistant conductor of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. (Faculty)

  • Adam Rome 1976 – American environmental historian who teaches environmental history and environmental non-fiction at the University at Buffalo. (R)

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Loomis Chaffee is a co-ed boarding school in Windsor, Connecticut, close to Hartford and Bradley International Airports. The facilities and environment of the school are first-rate. Loomis focuses on developing students’ writing skills, not only in English, but also in lab reports for Science, and in research reports and papers required for humanities courses such as philosophy, history, religion, and psychology. In addition to the traditional core courses, Loomis offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, economics, linear Algebra and multivariable calculus. The school’s Pearse Innovation Center (Phi) offers introductory courses in manufacturing, social and entrepreneurial problem solving; engineering and Design Science; solving problems for the common good; and solving problems for the business world. Special School Programs Include Mountain School (Vt), CITYterm (NY), Mountain College (Colorado), Observatory Semester School (Maine) and school of Ethics and global leadership (DC).

The random generator tool collates 120 items and records some of the more famous Loomis Chaffee School Alumni. Among them are John Terry, Gretchen Ulion, Robert Winters, Drew Zingg, Miriam Butterworth and others.

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