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  • [Name]: Charles E. Anderson
    [Class year]: 1941
    [Notability]: first African American to earn a Ph.D. in Meteorology

  • [Name]: Robert N.C. Nix, Sr.
    [Class year]: 1921
    [Notability]: first African American elected to Congress from Pennsylvania

  • [Name]: Francis Cecil Sumner
    [Class year]: 1915
    [Notability]: father of Black psychology; first African American to receive a Ph.D in psychology

  • [Name]: Edward S. Porter
    [Class year]:
    [Notability]: physician

  • [Name]: Oscar Brown, Jr.
    [Class year]: 1940
    [Notability]: singer, actor, playwright, director

  • [Name]: Joseph Cornelius Waddy
    [Class year]: 1935
    [Notability]: Federal Judge

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a state of the Northeastern United States. Pennsylvania is bounded by Lake Erie in the northwest, New York in the North and Northeast, New Jersey in the east, Delaware in the southeast, Maryland in the South, West Virginia in the southwest, and Ohio in the West. 1787 became the second state to join the Union when the Constitution was ratified on December 12. Known for its religious freedom and political democracy since its inception, the state has had a strong influence in North America. Many important chapters in American history were written in Pennsylvania. Because the state is located in the middle of 13 states (six in the north and six in the south) , together with the state’s central role in the independence of the United States, the “keystone state” known.

The random generator tool collects 67 entries to keep a list of alumni from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) . This is a very famous black university, and it has produced a lot of famous people, such as Ebenezer Ako-Adjei, Harry W. Bass, Oscar Brown, Jr., William Fontaine, Larry Neal, Barrington D. Parker., etc.

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