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Random Louisiana State University Alumnireport

  • Clay Higgins, Republican member of the United States House of Representatives for Louisiana's 3rd congressional district, beginning 2017

    (F–H) (Government, politics, and activism)

  • Joomyeong Kim, Russell Thompson, Jr. Family Professor (Academia)

  • Steve Van Buren, former NFL HB, Philadelphia Eagles Pro Football Hall of Fame (inducted 1965)

    (Football) (Sports)

  • Chad M. Brown, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for Iberville and Assumption parishes, effective 2016

    (B) (Government, politics, and activism)

  • Bennie Brazell, NFL WR, Cincinnati Bengals

    (Football) (Sports)

  • Robert Faucheux, attorney in LaPlace; former member of the Louisiana House for St. John the Baptist and St. James parishes, 1996–2004

    (F–H) (Government, politics, and activism)

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About This Tool

Louisiana State University, or Lsu, is a well-known public university located in the southern city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, about an hour and a half from New Orleans, about four hours’ drive from Houston, it is the state’s flagship university. The school covers an area of more than 8 million square meters and is recognized as one of the 20 most beautiful university campuses in the United States.
Louisiana State University has been under construction for more than 150 years and was originally established by the United States government on land grants. To the west of the campus is the Mississippi River, and Baton Rouge spans the Mississippi River bridge. The region’s culture is a mix of French, American and African cultures, and it offers a unique human experience. The local Food, known as Cajun Food, is well worth a try.

The random generator tool collates 553 items and keeps a detailed list of alumni who once belonged to the Louisiana State University. They have made a lot of brilliant achievements but also left a deep impression on the school. There are musicians, artists, writers, educators, film actors and so on.

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