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Random Missouri State University Alumnireport

  • Buddy Baumann, current MLB player (Athletes)

  • Jason Whittle, former NFL player (Athletes)

  • Scott Bailes, former MLB player (Athletes)

  • Brett Sinkbeil, former MLB player (Athletes)

  • Lincoln Hough, Republican member of the Missouri Senate (Public officials)

  • Julie Blackmon, photographer (Art and media)

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About This Tool

The Missouri State University has more than 21,000 students and 700 faculty members, 150 undergraduate majors and 43 graduate majors. Missouri State University, which was named the Best Business School in the US by The Princeton Review in 2006, is the largest business school in Missouri and the surrounding five states. More than 95 per cent of business school professors hold doctorates and, most proudly, many have distinguished careers in teaching, research and other fields and are leading US academics in the field. At the same time, they also have a wealth of business management experience.

The Missouri State University has seven colleges: the Liberal Arts and Liberal Arts College, the Business Administration College, the Education College, the health and Public Service College, the humanities and Public Affairs College, the natural and Applied Sciences College, and the graduate school. There are also many distinguished alumni who have contributed to society, including Athletes, Business people, Entertainers, Art and media, Public officials, Military and others. More detailed lists of alumni are included in this random tool generator. Want to learn more friends can refer to.

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