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Random Lund University Peoplreport

  • Torgny Segerstedt (1876-1945), scholar of comparative religion, anti-Nazi journalist (B.A. 1901, Docent 1903) (Humanities and social sciences)

  • Gunnar Jarring (1907-2002), ambassador, UN diplomat and scholar of Turkic languages (Ph.D. 1933) (Government, politics and civil service)

  • Judith Wallerstein (1921-2012), psychologist and researcher at University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D 1978) (Humanities and social sciences)

  • Jola Sigmond (1943-), architect, Swedish Association of Architects (Engineering)

  • Kofi Annan (1938-2018), UN Secretary General (1999) (Honorary doctorates)

  • Gunnar Malmquist (1893-1982), astronomer (Ph.D. 1921) (Mathematics, physics and astronomy)

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About This Tool

Lund University is a historic university in Sweden and the largest comprehensive university in Sweden. It combines higher education with scientific research, provides educational research opportunities in almost all fields, and also engages in applied technology research and development. Lund University is a founding member of Universitas 21, the International Association of Universities, which enjoys a high international reputation for teaching and research.

The random generator tool compiled 90 items from well-known alumni of the Lund University, including Manne Bahn, Sune Bergström, Arvid Posse, Ingvar Carlsson, Manne Bahn, Lars H öander, and other well-known artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

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