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  • Nikolai Trubetzkoy - linguist and historian (Literature, journalism and philosophy)

  • Vladimir Drinfeld - mathematician; winner of the Fields Medal 1990

    (Mathematics) (Academics)

  • Maxim Kontsevich (attended 1980–1985) - mathematician; winner of the Fields Medal in 1998

    (Fields Medal laureates) (Notable awards recipients)

  • Olga Oleinik - mathematician

    (Mathematics) (Academics)

  • Georgy Shchedrovitsky

    (Psychology) (Academics)

  • Georgy Adelson-Velsky - inventor of AVL tree algorithm; developer of Kaissa (the first World Computer Chess Champion)

    (Computer science) (Academics)

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Moscow State University is the largest and oldest comprehensive institution of higher learning in the Russian Federation, the Academic Centre of the whole of Russia, and a member of the International Forum of Public Universities, one of Europe’s leading and world-renowned institutions of higher learning. The school is 1755 by Russian Empire Educator M. B. Founded with a long history and a fine academic tradition, the Mikhail Lomonosov is one of the highest halls of higher education in Russia.

The University of Moscow is renowned for its strong faculty, well-equipped facilities, high teaching quality, and high academic standards. The school has a special status in the Russian Federation as an autonomous university in Russia. There have been many well-known elites of all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, artists, scholars, and so on. The random tool generated a total of 135 items, a comprehensive list of Moscow State University Alumni. This information is suitable for those who want to choose this school.

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