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  • Clifford Sibusiso Mamba, Swazi diplomat; former Olympic athlete

    (Politics and public service) (Alumni)

  • Ray Lewis, Guyana-born youth worker, former Deputy Mayor of London

    (Politics and public service) (Alumni)

  • Slash Coleman, American storyteller, producer, and writer

    (Other) (Alumni)

  • Lola Young, British artist, teacher and Crossbench peer

    (Artists and sculptors) (Alumni)

  • Bibio (real name: Stephen Wilkinson), British music producer

    (Music, radio and entertainment) (Alumni)

  • Ruth England, British television presenter and actress

    (Literature, journalism and mass media) (Alumni)

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About This Tool

Middlesex County College is a two year community college located in Edison, New Jersey. The Middlesex County College aims to provide educational services to residents near the Middlesex County. Middlesex County College has two campuses in the New Brunswick and Bociambo districts. Founded in 1964, Middlesex County College has about 12,000 students.

From the Middlesex County College came many well known figures, all of whom had a place in their field. Artists Neville Brody, Gillian Condy, Keith Khan, Jane Ray; fashion and film scientists Freema Agyeman, Adam Brown, Matthew Marsden, Kevin Sacre; Athletes Araf Shardd, Joe Joyce, Zooey Perry and others. More lists are recorded in this random tool generator, with a total of 148 items for you to discover.

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