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  • Mark Birrell – company director; former Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

    (Business) (Notable alumni)

  • Alan Griffiths – former Australian Minister for Industry and Resources

    (Politics and government) (Notable alumni)

  • Richard Di Natale – Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator for Victoria

    (Politics and government) (Notable alumni)

  • Tony Dodemaide – cricketer

    (Sport) (Notable alumni)

  • Trevor O'Hoy – President and CEO, Foster's Group

    (Business) (Notable alumni)

  • Paul Trimboli – soccer player

    (Sport) (Notable alumni)

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Monash University, located in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the leading universities in the world, a core member of the Australian Association of Eight Universities, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, the Association of Commonwealth universities and the International University Climate Alliance, Australia’s five star universities are the premier academic capitals in the Southern Hemisphere. Founded by the Australian parliament in 1958, the university is named after the distinguished military commander, public administrator and civil engineer Sir John Monash.

The Monash University is the largest concentration of research university in Australia. Innovation and motive force are the ideas of school development. So there are many famous alumni, including politicians Daniel Andrews, Peter Hall, Kay Patterson, Carolyn Hirsh, Robert Ray, lawyers Greg Barns, Ian Gray, Ross Ray, and other artists, educators, and athletes. For more details, check out the random tool builder, which helps organize 354 items in great detail.

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