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Random Powerful Jedi Who Broke Bad And Turned To The Dark Sid

  • Thumb of Atris video

    (#17) Atris

    Atris was once a respected Jedi Master and historian and had a seat on the Council during the Mandalorian Wars before the First Jedi Purge annihilated most of the Order. After a plan to lure out the Sith enemy resulted in the planet-wide genocide of Katarr, Atris went into seclusion on the planet Telos IV and established a new Jedi Academy.

    While collecting intelligence on the Sith that hunted down her Order, Atris fell victim to the influence of ancient Sith holocrons and turned to the dark side. Her former friend Meetra Surik confronted her on Telos IV and convinced her to return to the light.

  • Thumb of Revan video

    (#2) Revan

    • Star Wars

    Revan was a controversial Jedi Knight who lived thousands of years before the prequel trilogy. He was the leader of a faction within the Order called the Revanchists, a group of Jedi Knights who decided to fight for the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. The Mandalorians were a fierce enemy, devastating planets throughout the galaxy, and Revan had grown frustrated with the Order’s unwillingness to get involved in the fight.

    While Revan eventually defeated the Mandalorian forces and was hailed as a hero of the Republic, all of this fighting eventually led to his fall to the dark side. After the defeat of Mandalore the Ultimate, the Mandalorian leader, Revan traveled to the Unknown Regions of space to investigate a possible Sith connection to the Mandalorian threat. It was in the farthest edges of space he encountered a resurgent Sith Empire.

    When the Jedi hero of the Republic returned to known space, it was as a new Dark Lord of the Sith, ready to fight against his former allies.

  • Thumb of Darth Malak video

    (#11) Darth Malak

    • Star Wars

    Born as Alek, this Jedi Knight eventually took the name Malak and became close friends with Revan, a hero who led a group of Jedi to the Republic’s aid during the devastating Mandalorian Wars. Malak fought alongside Revan as a general and eventually followed him into the Unknown Regions to investigate the source of the Mandalorian threat. That’s when Revan and Malak came face to face with the Sith Emperor, who quickly converted them to the dark side and anointed them the new Dark Lords of the Sith.

    Upon returning to Republic space, Darth Revan and Darth Malak fought against the galaxy and the Jedi. Malak served as Revan’s apprentice during the early days of the Jedi Civil War. Eventually, however, Malak betrayed Revan and usurped his role as Dark Lord of the Sith. Malak was eventually defeated by a rehabilitated Revan, who rejoined the Jedi Order and embraced the light side.

  • Thumb of Freedon Nadd video

    (#14) Freedon Nadd

    • Star Wars

    Freedon Nadd was one of the most feared Sith Lords in galactic history, but he began his career as a Jedi Knight. He trained on the planet Ossus and was considered a prodigy by his masters. He was so powerful and intelligent, his masters decided to test his humility by skipping over him when it was time to name him a Jedi Knight.

    Nadd became obsessed with becoming a Jedi Knight, and his anger eventually caused him to slay one of his masters in a lightsaber duel. Nadd quickly abandoned the Order altogether and set out to find the Sith.

    He became one of the most powerful Dark Lords of the Sith who ever lived, ruling the planet Onderon for more than 100 years. Even after he passed, his spirit continued to linger in his tomb and influenced a cult of followers who fought against the Jedi. His greatest pupil of all was the dreaded Exar Kun.

  • Ben Solo on Random Powerful Jedi Who Broke Bad And Turned To The Dark Sid

    (#6) Ben Solo

    Not much is known about Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side. We do know that from a very early age, Luke and Leia both sensed a lot of Darth Vader in him. When Luke decided to train a new group of Jedi, he took Ben under his wing in the hopes that the young Solo would embrace the light side. But the pull towards the dark was too strong. Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order finally corrupted Ben and turned him into an agent of evil.

    Ben became the masked Kylo Ren, leader of Snoke’s Force-sensitive Knights of Ren, and committed atrocious acts across the galaxy, including wiping an entire village on Jakku, obliterating the Hosnian System, and slaying his father, Han Solo. He even took out his master, Snoke, on the way to becoming Supreme Leader himself. After all that, Kylo seemed beyond redemption, but after being wounded by Rey, he abandons Kylo and embraces Ben, becoming a swashbuckling hero in the process.

  • Thumb of Darth Krayt video

    (#16) Darth Krayt

    • Star Wars

    A'Sharad Hett was the son of a former Jedi Knight who later became the warlord of a tribe of Tusken Raiders on Tatooine. It was inevitable, then, that a little darkness flowed through Hett as well. While he spent much of his young life fighting alongside the Jedi in the Clone Wars, he was eventually forced to abandon the Order after Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66 brought about the eradication of the Jedi.

    For a while, Hett worked as a bounty hunter, until he made his way to the ancient Sith planet of Korriban. There, he was turned to the dark side by Dark Lord XoXann. Many years later, the Sith resurfaced under the leadership of Hett, who had become Darth Krayt. His cult of Sith followers brought about the destruction of the New Jedi Order. It wasn’t until a descendant of Luke Skywalker named Cade confronted him that Krayt was finally defeated.

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