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Random Craziest Coach Meltdowns

  • Thumb of Bob Knight video

    (#1) Bob Knight

    • 79

    Rather than give one, specific instance of former college head coach Bob Knight blowing up, just site back and take in the craziness of his top-10 meltdown moments. Knight was the king of losing his cool, throwing chairs, ripping into the media and, yes, even going off on his own players.

  • Thumb of Dennis Green video

    (#2) Dennis Green

    Just when you thought former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green was going to keep it together during a postgame press conference, following a tough loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, the wheels fell off his politically correct train.

    Clearly frustrated, Green not only tossed a few vulgarities in his reply, but then smacked the microphone before walking away from the podium.

  • Thumb of Phillip Wellman video

    (#3) Phillip Wellman

    • 58

    This one will leave you nearly speechless after seeing this one.

    Like other minor league managers listed here, Phillip Wellman took things to a whole new level with this crazy meltdown back in 2007, crawling to the pitcher's mound as if he was in a bunker during a war and throwing the rosin bag as if it were a grenade.

    It's absolutely insane - and yet, you won't be able to stop laughing at it.

  • Thumb of Earl Weaver video

    (#4) Earl Weaver

    • Dec. at 83 (1930-2013)

    While there have been other managers who've shown to have meltdowns that have stood the test of time, there might not be one better than former Baltimore Orioles skipper Earl Weaver. And this tantrum fully embodies what made him so great.

    Calling an umpire a liar and getting into a back-and-forth as if it were a war of words on a middle school playground, you can't help but chuckle at this one.

  • Thumb of Jim Mora video

    (#5) Jim Mora

    There might not be a more popular and hilarious rant in sports than former NFL head coach Jim Mora's back in 2001. No matter how much time passes, the sound of his voice wondering why a reporter would ask if his Indianapolis Colts had a chance at the playoffs is just incredible.

    While Mora enjoyed some success as a head coach, does anyone think of him for anything other than this moment?

  • Thumb of John Tortorella video

    (#6) John Tortorella

    • 61

    Although he isn't currently coaching anywhere, there's no denying that John Tortorella has the perception of being one of the feistiest head coaches in NHL history. He proved that when he attacked reporter Larry Brooks following a game back in 2010, while still coaching the New York Rangers.

    Who says that handling the New York media is difficult? Tortorella showed how to do it perfectly.

  • Thumb of Billy Martin video

    (#7) Billy Martin

    • Dec. at 61 (1928-1989)

    Known as one of the biggest managerial hot heads in MLB history, former New York Yankees manager Billy Martin had a number of instances in which he saw himself face-to-face with an umpire.

    Each time Martin exited the dugout to argue a call, there was no telling what would come out of his mouth - and this was one of his best.

  • Thumb of Jim Playfair video

    (#8) Jim Playfair

    • 55

    When disagreeing with a ref on a call, coaches have a tendency to let their anger out in a variety of ways.

    While the most common is to yell at the ref and, typically, get escorted out via an ejection, former minor league hockey coach Jim Playfair wanted to get his money's worth. That's why he tore of his suit jacket and smashed two separate sticks to pieces in order to prove that he meant all business in arguing with a call.

  • Thumb of Hal McRae video

    (#9) Hal McRae

    • 74

    The Kansas City Royals have had a rough history and it got to their former manager, Hal McRae, who completely lost it during a Q&A session in his office back in 1993. He told a reporter to, "put that in your pipe and smoke it," while ripping and tossing his phone around in his response to a question.

  • Thumb of Jim Schoenfeld video

    (#10) Jim Schoenfeld

    • 67

    It's no secret that head coaches aren't always the fondest of game officials - as is made pretty clear by this list. With the tough responsibility of calling the game the right way, sometimes coaches disagree with the boys in stripes - and former hockey coach Jim Schoenfeld might have shown his displeasure the best, calling referee Don Koharski a "fat pig" and suggesting he eat a donut.

  • Thumb of David Bennett video

    (#11) David Bennett

    For any future head coach looking to turn any analogy into motivating words, go ahead and study the tape of David Bennett, the former Coastal Carolina head football coach who did it wonderfully.

    In just a matter of seconds, Bennett reminds everyone the difference between cats and dogs, and why his team needed to be playing more like the latter. Surprisingly, no one asked if Bennett was on anything during the rant - but surely everyone thought he was.

  • Thumb of Mike Ditka video

    (#12) Mike Ditka

    • 80


    Just the name itself embodies intimidation, doesn't it? That's why the former head coach always seemed to do as he wanted to, often showing his true colors no matter the situation.

    After a poor showing by his New Orleans Saints team in practice, Ditka was clearly a little irked, using his steely personality to respond to a reporter's question and, for a moment, probably making the writer's heart stop for fear that the coach was going to knock him out.

  • Thumb of Mike Gundy video

    (#13) Mike Gundy

    • 52

    Give Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy credit for one thing: he will stick up for his players. After he got word that a reporter wrote a story he found to be unfair, Gundy lost it, listing several reasons why he is, well, a man.

    Among them? Telling the reporter to stop going after college kids and coming after him because he is, "A man! He's 40!" No one has been able to look at the age the same since.

  • Thumb of Kevin Borseth video

    (#14) Kevin Borseth

    • 65

    After watching this rant, no one can ever accuse former University of Michigan women's basketball head coach Kevin Borseth for not caring. Walking into the press room following a tough loss, Borseth immediately looked at, and then tossed, the stat sheet as if it were a paper airplane, ranting about offensive rebounds and other issues with his team's performance.

    It wouldn't be a surprise if every reporter in the room was scared for their lives while it was happening, either.

  • Thumb of Woody Hayes video

    (#15) Woody Hayes

    • Dec. at 74 (1913-1987)

    For Ohio State Buckeyes fans, this is a moment that is ingrained into their minds as one of the lowest points in the school's prestigious football program's history.

    The meltdown that legendary Bucks coach Woody Hayes had during the 1978 Gator Bowl is well-documented, as he punched then Clemson Tigers linebacker Charlie Bauman, leading to him getting fired immediately.

  • Thumb of Lou Piniella video

    (#16) Lou Piniella

    • 76

    Never one to turn down an argument, former big league manager Lou Piniella was widely known as one of the best arguers in the sport's history. This one embodies everything great about Ol' Lou's rants, as he got in the face of the umpire and tossed his hat before getting even more words in.

    Naturally, he was ejected for the antics.

  • Thumb of Rick Pitino video

    (#17) Rick Pitino

    • 67

    One has to give former Boston Celtics head coach Rick Pitino credit for one thing: he definitely knew the franchise's great history.

    After Pitino was asked how he would keep his players positive following a crushing loss to the Toronto Raptors back in 2000, the coach responded by calmly telling the reporter that some of the team's all-time greats would not be walking through the door, listing players like Larry Bird and Kevin McHale.

  • Thumb of José Offerman video

    (#18) José Offerman

    • 51

    Want to know when a baseball manager is really ticked off? Take a look at former big-leaguer and minor league manager Jose Offerman during a Dominican League game in 2010.

    Rather than just give his two cents, maybe go on a mini tirade and get tossed, Offerman actually got physical with an umpire, sucker-punching him. As one would imagine, Offerman earned a lifetime ban for the unfortunate outburst.

  • Thumb of Herm Edwards video

    (#19) Herm Edwards

    If former New York Jets head coach Herm Edwards was sitting across from you at lunch and used this same tone, you would pick up on his sarcasm pretty quickly. So, seeing him do it in front of a room full of reporters back when he was coaching the team is just too funny.

    Hey, does anyone know why we play the game? Oh, right, to win. Thanks, Herm, for the reminder.

  • Thumb of John Chaney video

    (#20) John Chaney

    • 87

    No, your ears are not lying to you after watching that video of former Temple Owls head coach John Chaney, he really did tell then UMass coach John Calipari that he would "kill" him.

    Give Chaney credit for one thing - he didn't hold back. Once crossing that threshold of crazy, he went all-in, saying things that he, no doubt, didn't actually mean, yet were still hilarious.

  • Thumb of John L. Smith video

    (#21) John L. Smith

    • 71

    When assembling a staff in any business, it's critical to get people who complement one another and understand their responsibilities. Former Michigan State Spartans head football coach John L. Smith didn't think that was the case with a few of his assistants back in 2005.

    After ending the first half poorly in a game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, Smith was fired up while walking to the locker room, ranting on live TV about the poor job some of this staff was doing - which left fans laughing at his pouting.

  • Thumb of Joe Mikulik video

    (#22) Joe Mikulik

    • 56

    Life as a minor league baseball manager has to be pretty difficult. Much like a player, you're just hoping to get the opportunity to be called up to the major leagues and try your hand at coaching the big boys.

    One way not to do that, though? Act like a lunatic while arguing a call. Manager Joe Mikhulik might want to consider that advice the next time he goes crazy, because that's exactly what he did in this instance, actually stripping down after sliding into home plate.

  • Thumb of Jim Calhoun video

    (#23) Jim Calhoun

    • 77

    Press conferences have seen some awkward exchanges in the history of sports, but the one between former UConn men's hoops coach Jim Calhoun and a reporter might be one of the strangest. During a press conference, Calhoun was asked about making such a hefty salary at a public university during tough economic times.

    His response? Asking the reporter if he was really that stupid, before blatantly just telling the guy to, "shut up." The rant seemed to be well received, though, as other journalists in the room even shrugged at the question asked of the coach.

  • Thumb of Mike Singletary video

    (#24) Mike Singletary

    • 61

    While former linebacker Mike Singletary was a great linebacker - after all, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his playing career - he wasn't able to teach players to perform with the same passion while a head coach.

    That didn't stop Singletary from trying to inspire them through different tactics, however, as he called out his star tight end Vernon Davis for not being a "team player," and said that he wanted "winners" on his team.

  • Thumb of Nick Vitucci video

    (#25) Nick Vitucci

    • 52

    Talk about a throwing a temper tantrum.

    After finding out that one of his players picked up a game misconduct penalty for fighting, former Toledo Walleye head coach Nick Vitucci figured the best thing to do was have an epic meltdown, as he tossed a variety of items onto the ice to show his displeasure with the call, including water bottles and sticks.

    Note to all other coaches: this is how you truly lose it.

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