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Random Lithuanian Architectsreport

  • Jonas Virakas (V)

  • Gediminas Valiuškis (V)

  • Kęstutis Lupeikis (L)

  • Antanas Vivulskis (V)

  • Laurynas Gucevičius (G)

  • Nikolajus Čiaginas (Č)

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About This Tool

Lithuania, on The eastern coast of The Baltic Sea, borders Latvia in The north, Belarus in The southeast, Kaliningrad Oblast in Russia and Poland in The southwest, and Vilnius in The capital. Lithuania is an ancient country with a history of rivalry with Russia in northern and Eastern Europe. The Lithuanian nation is a more careful and careful nation, its way of life close to the Western countries, more attention to the quality of life. The rest day hobby goes out of traveling, like sports. In the residential building and decoration are more attention to the pursuit of comfort, comfort.

The random tool generated 19 items, listing several of Lithuania's most famous architects. It is because of their outstanding contribution that Lithuanian architecture becomes one of the characteristics of the world.

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