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Random Lithuanian Artistsreport

  • Filomena Linčiūtė-Vaitiekūnienė (L)

  • Angelina Banytė (B)

  • Ray Bartkus (B)

  • Jonas Kaupys (K)

  • Jonas Damelis (D)

  • Lolita Kreivaitienė (K)

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About This Tool

Social Stratification in the 5th century AD. From the 12th century by the feudal lords of Germanic peoples. 1240 formed a unified Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Lithuanian nation was formed in the 13th century. 14 in the 15th century, much of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was in western Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 1583 took part in the anti-Russian war in Livonia in 1558. 1569, under the Treaty of Lublin, Poland and Lithuania merged to form the Polish Kingdom of Lithuania. In 1795,1815, Lithuania (with the exception of the KLAIPĖDA) was annexed to Russia. Lithuanians took part in the 1831 and the Polish uprisings of 186364.

Lithuania is known not only for its architecture but also for its artists. This random tool generates 178 entries, covering a list of past and present Lithuanian artists. Some are alive, some are dead. Let us honor them.

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