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Random Lithuanian Sportspeoplreport

  • Vytautas Janušaitis

    (Swimming) (Athletes)

  • Vytautas Butkus

    (Rowing) (Athletes)

  • Tomas Pačėsas

    (Basketball) (Athletes)

  • Artūras Karnišovas

    (Basketball) (Athletes)

  • Mindaugas Griškonis

    (Rowing) (Athletes)

  • Rita Ramanauskaitė

    (Athletics (Track and Field)) (Athletes)

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About This Tool

Of all the confident and well-coached teams, Lithuania is the most typical. As a world-famous basketball team, since gaining independence in 1990, the small European country Lithuania has been facing the world with a strong image. From 1992 to 2004, the Lithuanian men's basketball team won three bronze medals and a 4th-place at the Olympics. They also won Gold at Euro 2003. But the erstwhile King of Europe is now in decline. Unlike Spain or Germany, the Lithuanian men's basketball team is not dominated by international superstars, but it is filled with talented players in every position, playing European basketball with greater emphasis on teamwork than any other team.

A total of 169 Lithuanian athletes' names are included in this random generator. With this tool, you can find many names of athletes you are familiar with. For example, Virgilijus Alekna, Saulius Kleiza, Antanas Mikėnas, Remigijus Valiulis, Gintaras Einikis, Rytis Vaišvila, Alvydas Duonėla, etc.

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