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  • Jack Berger on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#18) Jack Berger

    • Sex and the City

    Jack Berger is the guy from Sex and the City who dumped Carrie via a Post-It note. While that probably sounds more like something you'd see on an episode of Seinfeld, it happened on Sex and the City and made him one of the most memorable boyfriends from the show.

  • Mr. Big on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#9) Mr. Big

    • Sex and the City, Sex and the City

    Mr. Big was Carrie Bradshaw's on-again, off-again boyfriend throughout Sex and the City's entire run. The fact that they kept getting back together showed you that this ex-boyfriend in the end wasn't going to be the one who got away. 

  • Ross Geller on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#4) Ross Geller

    • Friends

    Ross Geller had horrible luck when it came to his love life on the show Friends. Whether his wife left him for another woman or his complete mental breakdown due to his amount of failed relationships and marriages, Ross was at his comedic best when he wasn't dating Rachel. He was pretty much a pro at being an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband by the end of the show's run.

  • Andy Dwyer on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#2) Andy Dwyer

    • Parks and Recreation

    Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer went from loser ex-boyfriend of Ann Perkins to perfect husband of April Ludgate. His dim-witted demeanor actually kept him from being a completely unlikeable character during in the early seasons of the show when he lived in a pit to be closer to Ann.

  • Michael Kelso on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#5) Michael Kelso

    • That '70s Show

    That '70s Show's dopey man-child Michael Kelso was the boyfriend to Jackie Burkhart even though they had multiple breakups (although both characters were jealous whenever the other was seeing somebody else). As an ex-boyfriend in real life, Kelso would be unbearable, but on a half-hour sitcom, he was highly entertaining. 

  • David Puddy on Random Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

    (#8) David Puddy

    • Seinfeld

    As Elaine Benes's on-again, off-again boyfriend on Seinfeld, Puddy kept coming in and out of the show, but there was always something new about him each time he appeared. Plus, he was a really big New Jersey Devils fan! 

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Breaking Up is almost a necessary part of the long journey of love; but breaking up also requires art, from the moment you break up to the brave step into a new relationship, is an irreplaceable experience in life. When the end of the relationship, how to extract the courage to wave goodbye, the pain of the past, no longer wax torch ashes, tears began to dry.

After the breakup, your ex-boyfriend became an unforgettable memory. In this random generator tool, we collated 18 entries and took a look at some of the most memorable exes in the history of television. With this tool, you can see things like Steve Harrington, Andy Dwyer, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller, Michael Kelso, etc.. Do you have any idea what classic TV shows they’re from?

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