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  • [Building]: Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church
    [Image]: Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA).jpg
    [Built]: 1804
    [Reference]: APRHS 57
    [Location]: 40°48′31″N 80°25′14″W / 40.80861°N 80.42056°W / 40.80861; -80.42056 (Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church)
    [CityState]: Darlington

  • [Building]: Bensalem Presbyterian Church
    [Built]: 1710 c.
    [Reference]: APRHS 75
    [Location]: 2826 Bristol Road40°07′59″N 74°55′58″W / 40.1330°N 74.9327°W / 40.1330; -74.9327 (Bensalem Presbyterian Church)
    [CityState]: Bensalem
    [Description]: Founded 1705 as Dutch Reformed, 1730 Presbyterian. William Tennent founded the Log College while minister

  • [Building]: First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
    [Image]: Philly PA 1st Presby PHS467.jpg
    [CityState]: Philadelphia
    [Description]: Building pictured used until the 1920s

  • [Building]: Arch Street Presbyterian Church
    [Image]: Arch Presby.JPG
    [Built]: 1855
    [Reference]: 1971 NRHP-listed
    [Location]: 1726–1732 Arch Street39°57′16″N 75°10′11″W / 39.95444°N 75.16972°W / 39.95444; -75.16972 (Arch Street Presbyterian Church)
    [CityState]: Philadelphia
    [Description]: Founded 1813 as the Fifth Presbyterian Church. Reorganized 1850. Neoclassical design by Hoxie & Button

  • [Building]: First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster
    [Image]: Lancaster PA 1st Presby PHS305.jpg
    [Built]: 1851
    [Reference]: APRHS 37
    [Location]: 140 East Orange St.40°02′23″N 76°18′10″W / 40.0397°N 76.3027°W / 40.0397; -76.3027 (First Presbyterian, Lancaster)
    [CityState]: Lancaster
    [Description]: 1st church on site 1770

  • [Building]: Monaghan Presbyterian Church
    [Image]: Dillsburg PA Presby PHS166.jpg
    [Built]: 1847
    [Reference]: APRHS 155
    [Location]: 1185 Gettysburg Pike
    [CityState]: Dillsburg
    [Description]: organized 1760, cemetery 1782, address is for new church built 2003

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The Pennsylvania Presbyterian Church has long been famous around the world for its large congregation and distinctive architecture. These churches are marked in the national historical sites, many are also recorded in the historical register. Now attracts many tourists and local residents to visit and worship.

There are currently 78 Presbyterian churches in Pennsylvania by this random tool, including those that are still in operation and those that have failed due to poor management. The generator contains detailed reference images of the churches, their locations, when they were built, their exact coordinates, and their cities. If you’re visiting Pennsylvania, don’t forget the famous tourist attractions.  

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