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    Sometimes neoplatonism . a philosophical system, originated in the 3rd century a.d. by Plotinus, founded chiefly on Platonic doctrine and Eastern mysticism, with later influences from Christianity. It holds that all existence consists of emanations from the One with whom the soul may be reunited.
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    a person or animal that inhabits a place, especially as a permanent resident.
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    noun Medicine/Medical.

    an instrument for gauging and recording acuity of hearing.
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    the doctrine that immersion is essential to Christian baptism.
    the practice of baptism by immersion.
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    noun Biochemistry.

    the collagen of bone, remaining after the mineral matter has been removed by treatment with dilute acid.
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    any tropical plant belonging to the genus Begonia, including species cultivated for the handsome, succulent leaves and waxy flowers.

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Noun is a kind of part of speech and belongs to notional word. It represents the unified name of people, things, things, places or abstract concepts. It is divided into proper noun and common noun. Common nouns are some nouns contained in every sentence, such as "bread". Proper nouns refer to the proper names of specific people, things, places, groups or organizations (the first letter should be capitalized), such as "Asia".

We have collected all the common nouns, which means that you can find any common nouns through this tool. As you can see, you can use the generator at the top of the page to generate the specified nouns, which can greatly reduce the scope of generating nouns. You can specify the letters to include, the length of the noun, the first and last letter of the noun, and you just need to choose simply.

In the result, you can see the definition of each noun, which can help you to review and learn the noun. Under the generated result, you can copy all the generated words in the text box.

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