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    a gift or token for good luck or as an expression of good wishes, as at the beginning of the new year or when entering upon a new situation or enterprise.
    a first installment of payment.
    the initial experience of anything; first encounter with or use of something taken as a token of what will follow; foretaste.

    verb (used with object), hand·seled, hand·sel·ing or (especially British) hand·selled, hand·sel·ling.

    to give a handsel to.
    to inaugurate auspiciously.
    to use, try, or experience for the first time.
  • random noun 2



    a fold of definite, even width made by doubling cloth or the like upon itself and pressing or stitching it in place.

    verb (used with object)

    to fold or arrange in pleats.
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    a brief period set aside for the media to take photographs of a high government official or celebrity, usually immediately before or after a newsworthy event.
  • random noun 4



    a person or thing that smashes.
    a person or thing that is excellent, impressive, extraordinary, or the like: That new off-Broadway show is a real smasher.
  • random noun 5


    noun, plural fils.

    a coin and monetary unit of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, the 100th part of a dinar.
    a bronze coin of the United Arab Emirates, the 100th part of a dirham.
    an aluminum coin and monetary unit of the Yemen Arab Republic, the 100th part of a riyal.
  • random noun 6


    noun, plural com·pa·nies.

    a number of individuals assembled or associated together; group of people.
    a guest or guests: We're having company for dinner.
    an assemblage of persons for social purposes.
    companionship; fellowship; association: I always enjoy her company.

    verb (used without object), com·pa·nied, com·pa·ny·ing.

    Archaic. to associate.

    verb (used with object), com·pa·nied, com·pa·ny·ing.

    Archaic. to accompany.

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Noun is a kind of part of speech and belongs to notional word. It represents the unified name of people, things, things, places or abstract concepts. It is divided into proper noun and common noun. Common nouns are some nouns contained in every sentence, such as "bread". Proper nouns refer to the proper names of specific people, things, places, groups or organizations (the first letter should be capitalized), such as "Asia".

We have collected all the common nouns, which means that you can find any common nouns through this tool. As you can see, you can use the generator at the top of the page to generate the specified nouns, which can greatly reduce the scope of generating nouns. You can specify the letters to include, the length of the noun, the first and last letter of the noun, and you just need to choose simply.

In the result, you can see the definition of each noun, which can help you to review and learn the noun. Under the generated result, you can copy all the generated words in the text box.

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