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  • As the growth of the missions permitted conferences have been formed in various countries.

  • Mrs. Morley also produced a very handsome silver spirit teapot, won at the Barnet Fat Stock Show, possibly by Mr Charles Morley.

  • Though quite illiterate, she was an uncommonly shrewd and sensible woman, and her imperturbable good nature under exceptionally difficult circumstances, testifies equally to the soundness of her head and the goodness of her heart.

  • An advantage to choosing this option is that rain passed through it, and you avoid having to deal with puddles forming on its surface.

  • A dissentient remnant (eight congregations) of the General Associate Synod united with the Constitutional Associate Presbytery in 1827, the resultant body being called the Associate Synod of Original Seceders.

  • They go to west London eager to erase the pain of last Saturday's 3-0 Derby day defeat at Everton.

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Sometimes we need some random sentences to use as a data analysis or as a tool to fill articles. This page provide 6 sentences by default, some sentences are very short, some sentences are longer, this is a random show. This tool can help you learn how to use words, how to express sentences, and as random text.

You can generate your own sentences. We have collected more than 1,700,000 sentences, which contain more than 100 million words, almost any word you type in, you can find some sentences to help you learn how to use the word. You can also generate a specified number of sentences. We added a small feature, click the sentence text with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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