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Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

  • Jeanne St. Remy de Valois on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#21) Jeanne St. Remy de Valois

    • The Affair of the Necklace
    Hayden Panettiere played the young Jeanne St. Remy de Valois to Hilary Swank's adult version in The Affair of the NecklaceAccording to SnakklePanettiere started acting early, starring in Remember the Titans at 10 years old. She's since gone on to star in the TV shows Heroes and Nashville. 
  • Roberta in Now and Then on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#20) Roberta in Now and Then

    Christina Ricci was cast as the young Roberta to Rosie O'Donnell's grown up version in Now and Then. According to E!, Ricci was actually the first actress cast and they chose all of the younger actresses before picking their adult counterparts. Rosie O'Donnell was a little more reluctant.

    She had to be wooed by producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd to join the cast. 



  • Michael in Sleepers on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#18) Michael in Sleepers

    Brad Renfro played a young Michael to Brad Pitt's adult version in Sleepers. He went on to star in numerous roles, but always struggled with drugs and alcohol. He passed away at the age of 25 from an apparent heroin overdose. 
  • Josh in Big on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#17) Josh in Big

    David Moscow played young Josh to Tom Hanks' big (pun intended) version in the movie BigAccording to ABC News, at the end of 2015, Moscow recreated the famed Zoltar scene to raise Kickstarter funds for his movie Desolation. In Big, Josh asks Zoltar to grant his wish: "I wish I were big." In the recreation for Kickstarter, he asks Zoltar: "I wish I had money to finish my movie." 
  • Gia in Gia on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#6) Gia in Gia

    Mila Kunis played the young version of Angelina Jolie's GiaAs reported by Daily Mail, Kunis commented on the fact she is often compared to Jolie. "But I won't argue with that," she said. "I think it's absurd, but I'll take it."

  • Margot Tenenbaum on Random Kid Versions of Adult Actors

    (#16) Margot Tenenbaum

    • The Royal Tenenbaums

    Irina Gorovaia played the young Margot to Gwyneth Paltrow's Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. According to Everything Explained, she was nominated for the 2001 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film, Supporting Young Actress for her role.

    She then went on to appear in more movies, including The Butterfly Effect and It Runs in The Family with Kirk Douglas. 


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We have a saying that women change, and the same is true for stars, child stars are a group of people we watch grow up on the screen, they are lovely little Lolitas, now they have become little goddesses, of course, there are also young stars who have strayed from the path of beauty, no longer the way we imagined them to be, let alone.

The random-generated tool collates 22 entries and compares photographs of famous American and European women from childhood to the Middle Age to old age. Some of them don’t seem to have lost much of their looks, and some of them don’t look as cute as they used to. But they still occupy an important position in the history of film, for they have been fighting in the film circle and applaud.

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