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Random Lithuanian Gods And Mythological Figuresreport

  • Sutvaras (Sotwaros) – god of all cattle

    (Maciej Stryjkowski) (Names by written sources)

  • Gabija, the foster of the Holy Fire, a goddess, a daughter of Dievas ("dievaitė").

    (Gods and goddesses) (Names from folklore myths and legends)

  • Gardūnytis (Gardunithis) – protector of newly-born lambs

    (Jan Łasicki) (Names by written sources)

  • Kupolė, the spirit of springtime vegetation and flowers. The Festival of Kupolė (Kupolinės) was associated with Feast of St. John the Baptist (Joninės). In this festival, women picked sacral herbs, danced and sang songs. Kupolinės is also known as Rasos. Compare this with Ziedu māte in Latvian mythology, Kupala in Polish mythology and Ivan Kupala in Russian mythology

    (Local and nature spirits) (Names from folklore myths and legends)

  • Vėlės, spirits of dead human beings.

    (Various lower beings) (Names from folklore myths and legends)

  • Perkūnas (Percuno) – god of thunder

    (Martynas Mažvydas) (Names by written sources)

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About This Tool

Lithuanian mythology has no first-hand historical data to back up its claims. The documents we see of the Lithuanian mythology were written by missionaries after the 15th century. Like the Aztec myths, the goal of the chronicler was to “criticize paganism” rather than to systematize the myths. The Lithuanian mythology also had the help of folk songs, poems, and legends, which were hard to spread among the people. Many Lithuanian deities, such as death, evolved into “demons” during the Christianization period. And the most important God, “Divas, ” became a nickname for the Christian apostles.

For Lithuanian mythological figures, this random tool generated a huge number of 210 items. And that includes Ašvienia, Pajauta, Kupolė, Upinis, etc.

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