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  • Juozas Grušas (1901–1986), one of the most productive writers and playwrights under the Soviet rule

    (Literature) (Arts)

  • Kazys Binkis (1893–1942), poet and playwright, leader of Lithuanian Futurism movement

    (Literature) (Arts)

  • Nissim Karelitz

    (Judaism) (Religion)

  • Markas Luckis – chess player

    (Various) (Sports)

  • Albin Gurklis – Lithuanian-American priest, mathematician (Notable international people of Lithuanian descent)

  • Andrius Mamontovas (1967–), rock singer, co-founder of Foje and LT United

    (Music) (Arts)

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Lithuania is rich in forest and water resources. The larger forests are mainly concentrated in the south and south-east, covering an area of 1.9755 million hectares and covering more than 30 percent of the forest. Mostly coniferous forests, mainly pine. The main tree species are oak and Birch. The forest is also rich in mushrooms, berries and herbs. The ecological environment provides a good habitat for animals. There are more than 70 species of mammals, 13 species of flying mice, rabbits, Lynx and wolves on the list of protected species in Lithuania. Lithuania has 330 species of birds and 99 species of fish, 26 of which are marine fish. 15,000 species of insects and Invertebrata.

The random generator tool lists 476 items of famous Lithuanian people in several ways. There are celebrities in the arts, politicians, military scientists, athletes and so on, working together for the development of Lithuania.

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