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    [Title (modern spelling)]: Lietuviškasis balsas
    [Translated title]: The Lithuanian Voice
    [Published in]: New York, NY
    [Country]: United States
    [From]: 1885-07-02
    [To]: 1889-02
    [Short description]: A newspaper published by Jonas Šliūpas in New York and Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. In total, 96 issues were published.

  • [#]: 35
    [Title (modern spelling)]: Naujos žinios
    [Translated title]: The New News
    [Published in]: Ragnit (Neman)
    [Country]: German Empire
    [From]: 1889-12-11
    [To]: 1890-03-26
    [Short description]: A weekly newspaper published by Kristupas Voska in connection with an election campaign by the Lithuanian Conservative Election Societies. In total, 15 issues were published.

  • [#]: 71
    [Title (modern spelling)]: Aidas Lietuvos darbininkų gyvenimo
    [Translated title]: The Echo of the Lives of Lithuanian Workers
    [Published in]: Bittehnen (Bitėnai)
    [Country]: German Empire
    [From]: 1899
    [To]: 1899
    [Short description]: The first attempted publication by the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania. The first issue was translated from Polish by Kazys Grinius. Only two issues appeared.

  • [#]: 55
    [Title (modern spelling)]: Siberija
    [Translated title]: The Siberia
    [Published in]: Brooklyn, NY
    [Country]: United States
    [From]: 1896
    [To]: 1896
    [Short description]: A weekly newspaper published by Mykolas Tvarauskas.

  • [#]: 86
    [Title (modern spelling)]: Naujienos
    [Translated title]: The News
    [Published in]: Tilsit (Sovetsk)
    [Country]: German Empire
    [From]: 1901-01
    [To]: 1903-12
    [Short description]: A liberal monthly newspaper published by the editorial staff of Varpas.

  • [#]: 8
    [Title (modern spelling)]: Lietuvininkų paslas savo broliams šviežiausių naujienų pranešąs
    [Translated title]: The Lithuanian Envoy Bringing the Freshest News to His Brothers
    [Published in]: Heydekrug (Šilutė)
    [Country]: German Empire
    [From]: 1863-02
    [To]: 1864
    [Short description]: A weekly newspaper established by the German Progress Party in connection with the elections to the Landtag of Prussia. It was edited by Friedrich Wilhelm Siebert. In total, 97 or 98 issues were printed.

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In the 13th century, most people in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania spoke Lithuanian, but it wasn't until the 16th century that the language was written. Elsewhere in the principality, especially in the more economically developed Belos, it is mostly the Ruthenian aristocracy and plebs of the Ruthenian. Nobles who move from one place to another will adapt to the new place and accept the local Religion and culture, the Lithuanian nobility families who moved to the region quickly adopted the local culture from one generation to the next. The Ruthenians (historical ethnonym) is the central and southeastern part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania because in the Post Union of Lublin Ruthenians (historical ethnonym) more than half of the territory was also heavily populated before the Union, in that sense, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is the eastern Slavic state.

This random tool generated 101 entries, mainly introducing journals of different periods in Lithuania. Including the translation of the Journal name, title, Publication area, publication country, publication year and a brief introduction and other information.

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