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  • Elmer Busch – Played with the Oorang Indians in 1922. (American Football)

  • Brandon Nolan, Ojibwe and Maliseet former NHL player for the Carolina Hurricanes (Ice Hockey)

  • Jack Brisco, Chickasaw Nation Pro Wrestler, Former NWA World Champion (Professional Wrestling)

  • Moses J. Yellow Horse (Pawnee Nation, 1898–1964), first Native American to play in a major league. (Baseball)

  • Stillwell Saunooke – Played with the Oorang Indians in 1922. (American Football)

  • Jim Thorpe – Gold medalist in the Decathlon and Pentathlon at the 1912 Olympics. (Athletics)

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About This Tool

The Indian tribes in the United States did not form empires or concentrations of civilization like those in central and South America, such as the Aztec, the INCAS, and the Maya. These tribes are actually made up of several large tribes, each of which is followed by several or even dozens of small tribes.

These elite Native Americans have continued to inspire a new generation of native Americans. Whether it’s American Football, Athletics, Baseball, or Ice Hockey, Boxing, or Native Americans, there are plenty of winners and Olympic gold medals. The random tool generated the names of 71 great Native Americans athletes, and I think you should come and see their exciting stories, native or not.

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