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Random New Zealand Double-international Sportspeoplreport

  • Dally Messenger (represented Australia at rugby union)

    (Rugby league and rugby union) (Men)

  • Brad Thorn (represented Australia at rugby league)

    (Rugby league and rugby union) (Men)

  • Phil Horne

    (Badminton and cricket) (Men)

  • Va'aiga Tuigamala (represented Samoa at rugby league)

    (Rugby league and rugby union) (Men)

  • Craig Innes

    (Rugby league and rugby union) (Men)

  • Suzie Bates

    (Basketball and cricket) (Women)

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About This Tool

New Zealand is sparsely populated, but many athletes have been working out since childhood to make the national team. In New Zealand, both football and soccer are popular sports, and parents have high hopes for both, with more children starting to exercise at an early age. So don’t be surprised if New Zealand athletes can do two or more sports at once.

New Zealand has hosted many competitions, but there are also athletes competing in more than one event. There are simultaneous participation in rugby and cricket, as well as non-reference badminton and cricket. The random tool generates a list of 47 athletes who can compete in both sports simultaneously, including what they’re good at and special notes. For those of you interested in New Zealand sports, don’t miss this list compiled by the generator tool. Let’s take a look at some of the most talented athletes out there.

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