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Random Short Story

  • My "Clever" Dog

    Bobby is my dog. I love him. He can roll on the floor. He can play balls with me. He can look after my house when I am out. Bobby is very clever. But sometimes he isn't.
    One day Bobby runs away. He is out for three days. After he comes back, I tie him to a tree and give him some food. Bobby begins to eat. But then he stops. He sees a fox. The fox is looking at his food. Bobby barks and barks. He wants to catch the fox. But he can't. The fox runs round the tree. Bobby runs after the fox. So the rope goes ground the tree. Of course Bobby can't run. The doc can eat the food. Quickly she eats up the food and runs away.
  • The King and His Stories

    Once there was a king. He likes to write stories, but his stories were not good. As people were afraid of him, they all said his stories were good.
    One day the king showed his stories to a famous writer. He waited the writer to praise these stories. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into fire. The king got very angry with him and sent him to prison.
    After some time, the king set him free. Again he showed him some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them.
    After reading them, the writer at once tu
    ed to the soldiers and said: " Take me back to prison, please."
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About Random Short Story Tool

Feel boring? Need some fresh things? This page provides 2 random stories by default, all of which are very short but very interesting. We have collected more than 100 stories and you will surely find a lot of fun.

This tool generates 2 small stories each time by default, you can generate a specified number of short stories. We added a small feature, click the Russian word with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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