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    The Thirsty Dog

    A dog is very thirsty. But he only sees some empty pails. There is no water in them. The dog goes on looking for water. He comes to a small house. There is a girl in it. The girl goes out with a pail. "She goes to a well," the dog thinks and follows her. The dog is right. The girl comes to a well and puts down the pail, and the pail is full of water, there the girl goes back to her house.
    " Water! Great!" the dog says and runs to the well. He jumps into the well without thought."
    The water is good. The dog is happy and drinks much. But he can't jump out of the well. He waits and waits. But no one comes. "I'm hungry now. I must go out," he thinks.
    At the time a thirsty goat comes to the well. He looks at the water and the dog. "Is the water good?" the goat asks. " Of course. Come down," the dog says. Then the goat jumps into the well, too. Then dog is happy. He jumps on the goat's back and jumps out of the well.
    The dog has a look at the goat and says, "Goodbye!" Then he leaves.
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    It's Good to Walk

    A group of penguins at a zoo in Japan take a walk to lose weight. Every day, 15 king penguins there walk 500 meters twice. "Just like human, penguins don't exercise much during winter. They become fat easily," says a zookeeper.

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