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  • Teacher:We all know that beat causes an object to expand an cold cauese it to contract. Now,can anyone give me a good example?
    John:Well ,in the summer the days are long,and in the winter the days are short.
  • Animals

    There are many kinds of animals in the world. People don't know the exact numbers. In the zoo, people can see many kinds of animals. For example, lions, tigers, they are scary. Monkey, foxes are intelligent. People usually think pandas; koala bears are so cute and smart. Some animals live in the water, such as dolphins. They need a lot of water for their home. And elephants with long nose are very strange. They can sing and dance. The giraffes are quite tall because of their long necks. So they can reach the top of the trees.

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Feel boring? Need some fresh things? This page provides 2 random stories by default, all of which are very short but very interesting. We have collected more than 100 stories and you will surely find a lot of fun.

This tool generates 2 small stories each time by default, you can generate a specified number of short stories. We added a small feature, click the Russian word with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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