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  • [collected]


  • [full-blown]


  • [give credence to]

    [synonyms]acceptadmitconcludeconsiderhaveholdregardsupposethinktrustunderstandaccreditaffirmbuyconceivecreditdeempositpostulatepresupposeswallowattach weight tobe certain ofbe convinced ofbe credulousbe of the opinioncount onfall forhave faith inhave no doubtkeep the faithlap upplace confidence inpresume truereckon onrest assuredswear bytake as gospeltake at one's wordtake for grantedtake it

  • [speechmaker]

    [synonyms]announcerelocutionistlecturermouthpieceoratorrhetoricianspeechifierspokespersonafter-dinner speakerdeclaimerkeynoterpublic speaker

  • [imperturbably]


  • [caustically]


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This is a very powerful synonym search tool. We have organized a huge database, almost collecting synonyms of all words, a total of more than 130000 words and phrases, each word/phrase has multiple synonyms, and these synonyms are arranged by weight, the most relevant synonyms come first, and so on.

This page randomly displays 6 synonyms of words/phrases. You can find synonyms of specific words through the generate box at the top of the page. We added a small feature, click the synonyms word with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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