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    a small enclosure, usually portable, in which a young child can play safely alone without constant supervision.
    playground (defs. 2, 3).
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    noun, plural ter·ri·to·ries.

    any tract of land; region or district.
    the land and waters belonging to or under the jurisdiction of a state, sovereign, etc.
    any separate tract of land belonging to a state.
    (often initial capital letter)Government.
    1. a region or district of the U.S. not admitted to the Union as a state but having its own legislature, with a governor and other officers appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
    2. some similar district elsewhere, as in Canada and Australia.
    a field or sphere of action, thought, etc.; domain or province of something.
    the region or district assigned to a representative, agent, or the like, as for making sales.
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    official name of Salonika.
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    not susceptible; incapable of being influenced or affected (usually followed by of or to): insusceptible of flattery; insusceptible to infection.
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    kola nut.
    an extract prepared from the kola nut.
    the tree producing it.

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