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    a former sultanate in Africa, SW of Lake Chad: now largely a province in Nigeria.
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    verb (used with object), dul·ci·fied, dul·ci·fy·ing.

    to make more agreeable; mollify; appease.
    to sweeten.
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    a tool or device for cutting, typically a thin blade of metal with a series of sharp teeth.
    any similar tool or device, as a rotating disk, in which a sharp continuous edge replaces the teeth.

    verb (used with object), sawed, sawed or sawn, saw·ing.

    to cut or divide with a saw.
    to form by cutting with a saw.

    verb (used without object), sawed, sawed or sawn, saw·ing.

    to use a saw.
    to cut with or as if with a saw.
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    The systematic application of massage to treat muscle pain or dysfunction.
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    Alexander, 1st Baron Ashburton, 1774–1848, British statesman.
    Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer, 1841–1917, British statesman and diplomat.
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    verb (used with object), se·ques·trat·ed, se·ques·trat·ing.

    1. to sequester (property).
    2. to confiscate.
    to separate; seclude.

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