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List of Texas State University Alumnireport

  • J. E. "Buster" Brown, Republican state senator from District 17, 1981-2002 (Politics and government)

  • Carter Casteel (Master of Arts, 1971), lawyer and Republican politician from New Braunfels (Politics and government)

  • Buddy Garcia, interim 2012 member of the Texas Railroad Commission (Politics and government)

  • Larry Gonzales (Class of 2011 Master of Public Administration), Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives from Williamson County (Politics and government)

  • Lyndon B. Johnson (Class of 1930), 36th US President (Politics and government)

  • David M. Medina, justice on the Supreme Court of Texas, 2004-2013 (Politics and government)

  • Doug Miller (Class of 1976 Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement), former mayor of New Braunfels and Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives since 2009 from Comal County (Politics and government)

  • James Oakley, County Judge for Burnet County (Politics and government)

  • John Sharp, Texas A&M University System Chancellor (Politics and government)

  • Dwayne Stovall, businessman in Cleveland, Texas, school board member, and Republican candidate for the United States Senate in the primary election scheduled for March 4, 2014 (Politics and government)

  • Catalina Vasquez Villalpando (attended but did not graduate), US Treasurer (Politics and government)

  • Rosalyn Baker, Hawaii State Senator, District 6 (Politics and government)

  • Robert L. Rutherford, former General in the United States Air Force, former commander of United States Transportation Command (Military)

  • Todd Goodwin, Senior Vice President of College, Lifestyle & Experiential Marketing @ Universal Music Group (Music)

  • Emilio Navaira, country/Tejano singer (Music)

  • Kyle Park, country singer (Music)

  • Randy Rogers, country singer (Music)

  • Charlie Robison, country singer (Music)

  • Tommy Bolton, Dan Buie, Gerry Gibson and Bill Pennington of Roy Head and The Traits, Rockabilly Hall of Fame band members (Music)

  • George Strait, country singer (Music)

  • Sunny Sweeney, country singer (Music)

  • G. W. Bailey, actor (Media)

  • W.R. Bolen, New York Times best selling author and podcast host (Media)

  • Powers Boothe, actor (Media)

  • Stephen Brower, "Dmitry" in the 2018-2019 US National tour of Anastasia the Musical (Media)

  • Thomas Carter, film director (Media)

  • Jesse Heiman, actor[citation needed] (Media)

  • Aaryn Gries, Big Brother 15 contestant, 8th place (Media)

  • Chelcie Ross, actor (Media)

  • Tracy Scoggins, actress (Media)

  • Alexis Texas, AVN award winner and pornographic actress (Media)

  • Gianna Yanelli, actress (Media)

  • Edi Patterson, actress (Media)

  • Anna Uzele, "Catherine Parr" in SIX on Broadway (Media)

  • E. R. Bills (author), author and journalist. (Journalism)

  • Heloise, columnist (Journalism)

  • Tomás Rivera, writer (Journalism)

  • Maria Luisa Tucker writer (Journalism)

  • Meg Turney, Internet news host (Journalism)

  • Charles Austin, Olympic high jump gold medalist (Sports)

  • Joplo Bartu, Former NFL Player (Sports)

  • Edgar Baumann, Olympic javelin thrower (Sports)

  • Torgeir Bryn former NBA player (Sports)

  • Wayne Coffey, football player (Sports)

  • Fred Evans, former NFL player (Sports)

  • Kyle Finnegan, MLB pitcher (Sports)

  • Jeff Foster, former NBA player (Sports)

  • Paul Goldschmidt, MLB first baseman (Sports)

  • Donnie Hart, MLB pitcher (Sports)

  • Lance Hoyt, professional wrestler (Sports)

  • A.J. Johnson, former NFL player (Sports)

  • Wade Key, former NFL player (Sports)

  • Tony Levine (born 1972), football coach (Sports)

  • Scott Linebrink, former MLB pitcher (Sports)

  • Craig Mager, cornerback, NFL, San Diego Chargers (Sports)

  • David Mayo, linebacker, NFL, Carolina Panthers (Sports)

  • Shawn Michaels, professional wrestler (Sports)

  • Darryl Morris, cornerback, NFL, Indianapolis Colts (Sports)

  • Jeff Novak, former NFL player (Sports)

  • Ricky Sanders, former NFL player (Sports)

  • Carson Smith, pitcher, Major League Baseball, Boston Red Sox (Sports)

  • Mitchell Ward, football player (Sports)

  • Bobby Watkins, NFL player (Sports)

  • Spergon Wynn former NFL player (Sports)

  • Kristen Zaleski, National Pro Fastpitch softball player (Sports)

  • Charles Barsotti, cartoonist (Art)

  • Griffon Ramsey, chainsaw artist (Art)

  • Light Townsend Cummins, Bryan Professor of History at Austin College in Sherman, Texas; former official State Historian of Texas (Education)

  • F. Ann Millner, Weber State University president (Education)

  • T. Paul Bulmahn, chairman and chief executive officer of ATP Oil & Gas Corporation (Business)

  • Jerry Fields, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of J.D. Fields & Co. (Business)

  • Rod Keller, president of Segway Inc. (Business)

  • Michael R. Young, president of Chuy’s Comida Deluxe, Inc. (Business)

  • James Poplin, chief executive officer of Austin Telco Federal Credit Union (Business)

  • Michael Glyn Brown, former hand surgeon (Medicine)

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