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  • 他将几件衣服、一个睡袋、他的照相器材和他父亲的相册装进一个包,然后从大阪步行出发了。

    translation: He packed a bag with a few clothes, a sleeping bag, his camera equipment, and his father's photo album and set out on foot from Osaka.

  • 据介绍,此次阿童木形象出现在海报上,是大阪参展执行委员会与株式会社手冢作品合作的结果。

    translation: This poster was the joint effort of Osaka's Urban Best Practices Area participation committee and a company in charge of Astro Boy's copyright.

  • 大阪的地方美食闻名于天下,被称为日本的厨房。

    translation: Renowned for its local cuisine, Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan.

  • 美国是首个打破世博会举办国迷人轮回的非欧洲国家,而日本直到1970年才作为第一个亚洲国家举办了大阪世博会。

    translation: The United States was the first non-European country to break into the charmed circle of World’s Fair hosts, and an Asian country would not host until Japan’s Osaka Expo in 1970.

  • 大阪大学的一个研究生物进化的实验室披露他们通过基因改造造出一只叫声如鸟鸣的老鼠。

    translation: A laboratory at the University of Osaka running an ongoing study on evolution has revealed that they've produced a genetically engineered mouse that tweets like a bird.

  • 与曼谷或大阪相比,呵呵,韩国让人精神紧张。

    translation: Compared to Bangkok or Osaka, Korea, is, ummmm, intense.

  • 矗立于东大阪的一处人口密集区的中心。在房子内透过窗户可以从缓冲区看到外面。

    translation: Standing in the center of a densely populated area in East Osaka. The windows reach from the buffer zone through to the outside from the inner house.

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