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  • 催眠师专找一些易受催眠的人为对象。

    translation: A hypnotist looks for subjects who are easily entranced.

  • 催眠疗法医生将对你进行催眠,帮你戒烟。

    translation: A hypnotherapist will hypnotize you and will stop you from smoking.

  • 这家伙最冷血或者最奇特的地方在于,它可以用它“手臂”上所谓的发光体来蛊惑猎物。

    translation: But by far, the coolest/weirdest thing about this sea creature is its ability to hypnotize its prey using what's knowns as "photophores" on its arms.

  • 今天,在几乎每个国家里医生和科学家们让人们坚信他们可以解决问题。

    translation: Today, doctors and scientists in almost every country hypnotize people to help them with their problems.

  • 好吧,首先,他们不会让人们互相射击,他们不会随便催眠可敬的女士,他们。。。

    translation: Well, for a start, they wouldn't get people to shoot one another, they wouldn't hypnotize respectable women, they

  • 但Cembalest很快指出,这些庞大的数字像是在催眠,存在了太多的误解与幻想。

    translation: But big Numbers can hypnotize and there are a lot of misconceptions and wrinkles to the story that Cembalest is quick to point out.

  • 她给他施催眠术让他做出违反本意的事。

    translation: She hypnotize him into do thing against his own will.

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