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  • 要被一个黑洞吸入,你必须抵达它的视界,即:超过这个边界任何都无法逃离的单程边界。

    translation: To be sucked in by a black hole, you need to reach its event horizon, the one-way boundary beyond which nothing can escape.

  • 采用坐标变换的方法,研究几种加速运动动态黑洞的事件视界,得到了黑洞的视界面方程。

    translation: Using coordinate transformation, we study the event horizon of accelerating non-stationary black holes, the equation of event horizon surface is calculated out.

  • 粒子的能量不仅与粒子的质量有关,还与黑洞的时空结构及视界的变化有关。

    translation: It is found that the energy of scalar particles is not only depends on their mass, but also on the structure of space-time and the variations of event horizon of Vaidya black hole.

  • 他发现,黑洞的熵——即它的信息量——与它的视界表面积成正比。

    translation: He discovered that a black hole's entropy - which is synonymous with its information content - is proportional to the surface area of its event horizon.

  • 当黑洞事件视界不随超前时间变化时,结果可回到已知的静态情况。

    translation: When the event horizon of the black hole does not depend upon the advanced-time, the results can return to the well-known static case.

  • 使用高斯-博内定理, 史蒂芬·霍金证明一个(四维)黑洞活动视界的拓扑结构是2个球体。

    translation: Using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem, Stephen Hawking proved that the topology of the event horizon of a (four dimensional) black hole is a 2-sphere.

  • 按薄层模型的观点,在视界面附近薄层上的量子场的熵就是黑洞的熵。

    translation: The entropies of quantum fields on event horizon of a toroidal black hole are given using the improved brick-wall model.

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