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  • 在对常规PI控制器模型分析的基础上,结合线性神经元自学习能力和适应能力强的优点,提出了一种线性神经元PI控制器模型。

    translation: Based on the analysis of a normal PI model and the merits of the self-study and good adaptability of a linear nerve cell, a new PI controller model was put forward.

  • 目的:研究分米波对周围神经损伤后雪旺细胞中s- 100蛋白表达变化的影响。

    translation: Objective: to investigate the effect of decimeter wave on the expression of immunologic reaction tos-100protein in Schwann's cell after peripheral nerve injury.

  • 移植治疗组的神经细胞变性、坏死数量较缺血再灌组明显减少。

    translation: The number of degeneration and necrosis nerve cell in ischemia transplanted group is significantly reduced compered to ischemia-reperfusion group.

  • 他鼓足勇气去约她出来。

    translation: He nerved himself to ask her out.

  • 她终于鼓起勇气告诉他,她已经为人之妻了。

    translation: She was finally nerved to tell him that she was already a wife.

  • 警察试图把价钱涨到1500卢布,但态度坚决地记者最终以刚才的出价成行。

    translation: The policeman tried to hold out for 1,500 roubles, but the steely nerved journalist got his ride for his offer price.

  • 是什么目标激励我们或我们的前人做出这一选择的呢?

    translation: What was the object that nerved us, or those who went before us, to this choice?

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