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  • 在她所在的孤儿院中,看护人给他们讲述关于外面世界中有着邪恶本性的熊的恐怖故事,但赛娜怀疑那些故事的真实性。

    translation: At the orphanage where she lives, the caretaker tells scary stories about the evil nature of the bears that live in the outside world, though Celestine doubts the stories are entirely true.

  • 第二天清晨,一只又穷又饿名为艾特的熊发现了她并打算吃掉她。

    translation: The next morning, a destitute and starving bear named Ernest discovers Celestine and attempts to eat her.

  • 赛娜是一只住在地下鼠国的小老鼠。

    translation: Celestine is a young mouse who lives in the underground world of rodents.

  • 论述了某天青石矿浮选试验研究结果。

    translation: This paper shows the test results of certain celestine ore.

  • 在纽卡他将遇见他在切尔西的老队友斯科特·帕克和克里斯蒂恩·巴巴亚罗。

    translation: At Newcastle he will join his former Chelsea colleagues Scott Parker and Celestine Babayaro.

  • 提出还原-复分解法制备碳酸锶的新工艺。

    translation: Reduction - metathesis method for preparation of strontium carbonate from celestite is developed.

  • 本正石材厂是大型集开采、加工、销售及服务于一体的天青石公司。

    translation: This is Stone Factory is a large set mining, processing, sales and service company in one of celestite.

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