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  •  Depending on the species, snakes can live from 4 to over 25 years.[snake]

  •  Is the red panda a bear? A type of raccoon? Throughout the years, scientists have placed the adorable animal in either the racoon or bear family. They now classify it as the only surviving member of the family Ailuridae.[red panda]

  •  Coyotes eat pretty much anything they can find, including rabbits, rodents, birds, fish, frogs, deer, fruit, grass, and carrion.[coyote]

  •  Prior to the invention of deep submersible boats, the sole source of knowledge about the ocean’s depths came from scientific examination of the stomach contents of sperm whales. The sperm whale often dives below 10,000 feet in pursuit of squid but must return to the surface in order to breathe.[whale]

  •  Owls cannot swivel their eyes. Instead they move their heads completely around to see straight behind them. They live on every continent except Antarctica. Soft fringes on their wings make their flight essentially silent.[colorful bird]

  •  Although many animals have gone extinct because of human poaching, other species are at risk for extinction because humans will not eat them. For example, when people lost interest in eating the Guinea Hog as a source of bacon and ham, the species suddenly became threatened. One effective (but controversial) way of bringing attention to endangered animals is by advertising their delicious taste, putting them in animal farms, and then supplementing their growth for commercial use.[extinction]

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