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  •  In 2010, 25% of adults bought flowers or plants as a Valentine’s gift. Of these, 60% were men and 40% were women. Men mainly bought flowers for romantic reasons, while women bought flowers for their mothers and friends as well as their sweethearts.[valentine's day]

  •  Giraffes don't use their vocal chords very often; since they're so high up, they use their eyes to communicate with one another.[giraffe]

  •  Elephants eat up to 300 pounds of roots, grasses, fruit, and bark a day. In human terms, that is akin to eating 1,200 hamburgers.[elephant]

  •  To sleep, bats hang upside down so they can fly away quickly if needed.[bat]

  •  The smallest wolves live in the Middle East, where they may weigh only 30 pounds. The largest wolves inhabit Canada, Alaska, and the Soviet Union, where they can reach 175 pounds.[wolf]

  •  Some dinosaurs’ tails were over 45 feet long. Most dinosaurs had long tails that helped them to keep their balance when running.[dinosaur]

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